Zhou Guanyu close to F1 debut, Suning shares sell-off: China this week



1. Suning.com alleviates cash flow concerns with $ 1.4 billion stock sell-off

Majority shareholder in Chinese retail giant Zhang Jindong has agreed to raise $ 1.4 billion by selling 16.96 percent of its Sunning Group shares to a consortium after concerns about cash flow issues.

The consortium is headed by an investment firm from the Jiangsu provincial government in Nanjing, where Suning is based. Zhang will no longer have a controlling stake in the company, which has been on an aggressive buying frenzy in recent years, buying up the French-owned Carrefour business and Serie A soccer club Inter Milan.

2. The art of the party: CGTN celebrates 100 years of the CPC

In a special digital series, CGTN has put together some of the most important works of art that illustrate the birth of the Chinese Communist Party. Works by artists such as Cai Liang, Wang Shikuo and the sculptor Xiao Chuanjiu tell the story of the Nanchang uprising at the beginning of the Chinese civil war, the battles in the Jinggang Mountains and the surrender of Japan in 1945 towards the end of World War II.

“Yan’an Torch” is a classic oil painting by Cai Liang that celebrates the news of Japan’s surrender in World War II. / CGTN

“Yan’an Torch” is a classic oil painting by Cai Liang that celebrates the news of Japan’s surrender in World War II. / CGTN

3. Premier Li wants to build “stable” relations with the UK

Speaking at a virtual meeting with representatives from the business sector, Premier Li Keqiang said that a stable relationship between China and Britain would help ensure free and fair trade and promote a recovery in the world economy.

Li said he hoped that China and Britain, both important forces in maintaining world peace, would promote common development and protect the multilateral trading system.

4th Why do whales strand themselves?

When 12 melon head whales were found ashore at Toumen Port, Linhai, where three of them died, CGTN spoke to experts to find out why this is happening.

Stable relations between China and Britain can help ensure free and fair trade and promote global economic recovery

– Li Keqianq, China’s Premier

5. Study from Turkey shows that Sinovac is 83.5% effective against COVID-19

Two doses of the CoronaVac vaccine developed by Chinese drug maker Sinovac offers 83.5 percent protection against symptomatic COVID-19, according to a new study published in a medical journal The lancet on Thursday.

A large-scale randomized controlled trial with more than 10,000 participants aged 18 to 59 years was conducted in Turkey. The participants received two doses of CoronaVac 14 days apart. Interim results from the study suggest that the vaccine is safe and induces a robust immune response.

6th Archaeologists find 700 year old wall paintings in old graves

Archaeologists have excavated 12 ancient tombs from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) in Jinan, Shandong Province, and uncovered works of art that have not been seen for centuries.

The burial site, which includes 11 tombs with exquisitely carved brick wall paintings and one tomb with a stone chamber, was excavated in the eastern suburbs of the provincial capital.

7th The British Tate lends the new art museum Shanghai’s collection collection

One of Tate Britain’s most popular paintings, Ophelia by John Everett Millais is now hanging in a collaboration between the two galleries in the halls of the brand new Museum of Art Pudong in Shanghai.

The museum, designed by the award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel, has an exhibition space of more than 10,000 square meters and 13 exhibition halls.

As part of the opening, works by the renowned Catalan painter and sculptor Joan Miro will be shown in China for the first time.

Zhou Guanyu is a test driver for F1 Team Alpine and starts in Formula 2 for UNI-Virtuosi Racing./CFP

Zhou Guanyu is test driver for F1 Team Alpine and starts in Formula 2 for UNI-Virtuosi Racing./CFP

8th. China’s Zhou Guanyu impresses during the first F1 practice session

The Chinese Zhou Guanyu got his first impression of life in the fast lane of Formula 1 when he took the wheel of Fernando Alonsos Alpine in the first practice session at the Austrian Grand Prix.

The 22-year-old Shanghai, who leads the F2 standings, hopes to become China’s first F1 driver. After finishing 14th, the Alpine test driver described his morning stint at the Red Bull Ring as “amazing”.

9. Surfing and sailing are becoming increasingly popular in China

Sellers see a surge in sales of paddles, row boats, and surfboards after participation in water sports increased. Cities like Shanghai are already seeing an increase in the number of water sports enthusiasts. Besides swimming, people are now turning to other activities, including sailing.

There are also plenty of indoor wave generators available that can help surf enthusiasts enjoy their daily dose of water sports in Shanghai.

10. Exhibition “Becoming Andy Warhol” arrives in Beijing

The 798 Art District in Beijing shows works by one of the most famous pop artists in the world. “Becoming Andy Warhol” is Andy Warhol’s most comprehensive exhibition in China. It comprises around 400 of his works, which encompass his entire oeuvre.

The exhibition, which opens on Saturday at UCCA Beijing and then travels to UCCA Edge in Shanghai, features work from his early career as an illustrator for the advertising industry to his heyday as one of the most famous film and art creators of the 1980s.


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