Woman still missing in Woodland Park, NJ, due to flooding in Ida



More than two weeks since the remnants of Hurricane Ida hit New Jersey with historic flooding, one person is still missing.

Woodland Park police say multiple eyewitnesses saw Donna Lomagro, 56, trapped in her car when flood waters surrounded it. At around 9 p.m., she got out of her car, but was quickly swept away by the strong current.

At least two people tried to save her but had to be saved themselves. Lomargo was last seen being carried towards Dowling Brook by flood waters. The stream eventually flows into the Passaic River.


The search for Lomagro continues. Crews have searched the banks of Dowling Brook and the Passaic Rivers.

A reporter from NJ.com went to the house that was the last known address in Lomagro. The website reports that a woman who answered the door said, “That was my daughter. She is gone.”

The police are still officially listing Lomagro as “missing”. Her name was not included in the list of those whose deaths are attributed to the storm. The death toll is officially 30.

Ida killed more people in New Jersey than any other state hit by the storm, including Louisiana, where Ida landed as a Category 4 hurricane.

This has led to criticism of Governor Phil Murphy, who only declared a state of emergency long after significant flooding. Some have questioned whether this delay made people believe it was safe to drive during the storm, resulting in additional deaths. Murphy has dismissed this criticism, saying that he had extensively warned people of the dangers of the storm.

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