Who did Arwen actually give her Evenstar necklace to?


There are many iconic props and merchandise from the Lord of the rings Trilogy, including replica swords, the One Ring on its chain, and the Elven Leaf of Lothlorien that held the Fellowship’s cloaks together. But possibly one of the most famous and coveted is the Evenstar Necklace, which Arwen gives to her fiancé Aragorn in the films as a token of her giving up her immortality to spend her life with him.

However, in the books, the necklace has a slightly different story. Arwen presents Aragorn with a precious jewel given to him by Galadriel in Lothlorien when she gives her treasures to each member of the Fellowship, and she tells the future king, “I have nothing greater to give you than what has already been given.” She is, of course, referring to her granddaughter Arwen’s heart, which belongs to Aragorn as his belongs to her. Despite being offered the love of others throughout the journey, he remains faithful to his elf bride. The jewel she set aside for him in the Woodland Realm is actually a crested eagle with a green emerald at its center known as the Elfstone, which was brought to and brought back to the Undying Lands with Earendil after the fall of Numenor Middle-earth of Gandalf when he was born in physical form.


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So what is the Evenstar necklace from the movies and why did Peter Jackson make it so significant? Well, Arwen is known to her people as Arwen Evenstar and is said to bear a fair and beautiful resemblance to Luthien herself, from whom Arwen’s line descends. This became an appropriate name for the necklace she wears and for gifts to a very precious person. Interestingly, that person is Frodo, not Aragorn.

Giving the Evenstar to Aragorn

It is only after the One Ring is destroyed and the hobbits are rescued from Mount Doom that the rare jewel is awarded, as Arwen sees the amount of pain (both physical and emotional) Frodo still carries after his horrific encounter with the dark object. “She took a white gem like a star that lay on her breast and hung on a silver chain, and she put the chain around Frodo’s neck.

“If the memory of the fear and darkness troubles you,” she said, “this will help you.” It’s said to be something to help him find salvation, and may even be of the healing properties of Elrond’s famous healing powers , Arwen’s father, imbued to help Frodo find himself again. She also promises that if his trauma becomes too much to bear, he will be allowed to sail west on the ships bound for the Undying Lands.

Arwen’s destiny isn’t tied to the destruction of the ring like the movies suggest, but she is tied to the Valinor, essentially giving Frodo her place on the other side of the sea. The necklace itself could be symbolic of her lineage and connection to the Silmarils, and its glittering white depiction is reminiscent of the white gems of Lasgalen and of the ring worn by Galadriel, one of the three elven rings of power known as Nenya.

These are all objects of starlight and are therefore widely coveted for their grace and beauty. It is also believed that giving the necklace to Frodo is to remind him that despite everything he has been through, the quest has been accomplished. ‘Mister. Frodo always wore a white jewel on a chain which he often fingered, just as he fingered the one ring around his neck, so in that sense the cruel and evil ring was replaced with a pure and loving stone, a thing that Frodo took pride in to wear and fall back on whenever he feels he’s fading.

Evenstar Necklace

There are many things that need to be repaired after the war, including rebuilding Minas Tirith, tending to the injured soldiers who fought in the battles and strengthening the alliances between the reunited kingdoms, but Frodo is beyond healing . He tells Sam, “The Shire was saved, but not for me,” essentially showing Arwen’s necklace as a ticket of sorts to Valinor, where he can finally find the peace he’s been seeking since the ring’s destruction. It is not necessary for him to have the necklace in order to board the boat, for Sam and Gimli both leave much later too, when they have lived long and full lives, but the necklace only shows that Frodo is at a high level Place is honor and esteem because it was the bearer that brought the object all the way to Mordor.

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