Where to get normal ship parts and materials in Lost Ark?


Most Lost Ark Players know that as they traverse the world of Arkasia, sailing is key to finding new locations to explore and quests. Because of this, a well-functioning ship is essential for any budding hero, whether you’re finding new monsters to kill or distant lands full of treasure.

However, in order to maintain and upgrade your ship, you will need a triumvirate of materials to level up. You will need basic wood and a combination of ship parts, all of which you can find on your journeys with processor NPCs. These vendors can be found in every major city — near Harmony Plaza in Luterra Castle, for example, or the business district in Vern Castle — and are marked on the map with a yin and yang symbol.

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Once you find a Processor, you can craft these parts by spending 16 Lumber, 16 Iron Ore, and 10 Gold to craft a Bundle of 15 Normal Ship Part Materials. Lumber can be acquired by chopping down trees on land, and Iron Ore can be found in your travels as you mine the exposed material scattered around the world. You can also buy wood from special guild ships with pirate coins.

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You can even get these materials from the game’s auction house or from a vendor near some cities’ ports. After that, you can upgrade your ship from the sailing menu by clicking on the appropriate button in the top right corner.

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These upgrades help bolster your ship in a variety of ways, including its overall speed at sea, the ship’s durability when hitting beds of kelp or navigating storms, and even the number of crew members you can take on board. The higher the level, the more abilities the ship gains, such as B. better fast sailing stats and durability consumption.


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