What’s new in Europe: The best river cruises for 2022



With European rivers opening up to Australians the way we can travel, cruise lines expect demand to rise in 2022/23 and plan their itineraries.

Featured here are new locations from top river cruises in Europe.

Storyteller Cruises (Avalon Waterways)

A river cruise is a perfect time to read literary gems, but Avalon Waterways offers a more engaging experience with its storyteller series.

Avalon has toured the Seine, Danube, and Rhine, but you can actually meet legends like writers, award-winning artists, and songwriters on this curated cruise.

The river cruise company describes this literary itinerary perfectly: Sail past cliff castles and discover cliffhangers in the company of award-winning artists. And capture inside stories outside of the pages of novels, scripts, and lyrics. ”

Legendary cruises

Disappear on a magical Rhine sailing with Diana Gabaldon

Best-selling international author of Outlander novels

Go sailing with Candace Bushnell. on the legendary Seine

International bestselling author of the anthology Sex in the City

Suite on the legendary Danube with Cheryl Strayed

International bestselling author of Wild

Sail the Danube with Gillian Flynn

Best-selling international author of Gone Girl

Memories on the Rhine with Christopher Moore

Best-selling international comic book fantasy writer

Sweet Tunes on the Rhine with Edwin McCain

Billboard top singer-songwriter

Elegant Elbe (Viking River Cruises)

Viking Cruises invites travel enthusiasts to take part in their elegant Elbe cruise for 2022.

The Elbe is one of the most pristine rivers in Europe and Viking started his new route from Berlin to Prague.

The company promises that guests will discover “Berlin’s modern chic, Potsdam’s rococo bizarre and Prague’s Gothic exuberance”.

The tour also includes a walk in Wittenberg – Martin Luther’s birthplace.

Other activities include a trip to the Meissen Porcelain Center, monoliths in Saxon Switzerland and war memorials in Dresden.

Blue Danube with Ralph Grizzle (Riviera River Cruises)

Riviera River Cruises is now offering the Blue Danube Cruise, moderated by experienced American journalist and cruise expert Ralph Grizzle.

The eight-day adventure leads from Budapest to Esztergom, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Dürnstein, Melk Abbey, Salzburg and Vienna in Austria.

“Ralph Grizzle is one of the leading river cruise experts and we are delighted to have him with us on this Danube descent,” said Marilyn Conroy, executive vice president of sales and marketing for North America for Riviera River Cruises, in a press release. “Ralph will offer specially tailored tours to destinations along the way and share his knowledge of the region and river cruises with guests. Offers like this are another reason to make Riviera your preferred river cruise line for your customers. “

Tastes of Imperial Europe (Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours)

For restaurateurs out there, Scenic Luxury Cruises is now taking bookings for its gourmet themed cruise for 2022.

The culinary-focused cruise includes the flavors of Southern France, the flavors of Bordeaux, and the five-day flavors of Imperial Europe between Budapest and Vienna.

The itineraries include a dinner on board by Michelin-starred chef Didier Goiffon and a course in the restaurant of the three-star Michelin chef, Georges Blanc.

Enchantment of Eastern Europe (Emerald Cruises)

Emerald Cruises is now offering the enchantment of Eastern Europe spanning five countries.

“When the last section of the Danube meanders through the depths of Eastern Europe, meet locals for lunch in their home, enjoy tours of Osijek and Belgrade and marvel at the beauty of the Iron Gate,” says Emerald, describing the 2022 river cruise itinerary on their official tour Website. “Visit a puszta horse show in Kalocsa, enjoy lunch at a Croatian family’s home in Osijek, and enjoy a guided city tour in Belgrade before seeing a Serbian folklore show on board. Try Romanian wine, attend a choir concert in Arbanasi and take the road to Bucharest. “

Tulips & Windmills (Uniworld Boutique River Cruises)

Uniworld describes the present as a time of rebirth as the river cruise industry seeks to revive the empire.

New offers for 2022 include the Tulips & Windmills itinerary, which covers the Netherlands and Belgium.

“Stroll through the colorful fields of tulips in Keukenhof Gardens to get a feel for the Netherlands’ extraordinary bond with these flowers.”

With this new itinerary from Uniworld you can visit the 19 UNESCO recognized windmills of Kinderdijk “to better understand how these mighty structures have been used to protect the lowlands from the ever-increasing water level for hundreds of years”.

Enjoy France: Paris, Lyon & Provence (Tauck)

Tauck joins efforts to revitalize the river cruise industry with its new river cruise in Paris, Lyon and Provence.

Guests can enjoy the sweet life of France on a 7-day river cruise aboard the MS Emerald through the vineyards that are home to some of the world’s most extraordinary wines.

The cruise also includes a pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu and dinner at Fouquet’s in Paris.

Other activities include a cooking school in Valence, an evening stroll in the Duchy of Uzès and a high-speed TGV trip to culinary Lyon.



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