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Sometimes you can’t plan to have a great idea; it just comes to you. This is exactly what happened to Sierra Brown at West Falmouth Dock a few months ago.

“One day we were out here and I thought, ‘I can’t imagine ice cream’ [truck] Song is playing and coming around the corner ‘and I thought we must have an ice boat, ”she said.

With the help of their business partner and mother-in-law, Sherry Brown, they did just that. They turned the family boat into an ice boat.

Sierra Brown and Sherry Brown

Sea Scoops set sail in early June, causing a sensation in West Falmouth Harbor, selling ice cream to customers who had never seen anything like it before.

“They love it,” said Sierra Brown of her clients. “There’s this woman who lives on Chappy Island and says she’s been coming here for 77 years and that has never crossed her mind. She bought an ice cream from us three weekends in a row. “

Sea Scoops operates on the weekends as both Sherry and Sierra Brown have full-time health care jobs during the week. Especially after last year, Sierra said this was the perfect time for Sea Scoops to set sail.

Sea Scoops Boat

Sea Scoops is making waves in the ice cream business this summer and is finding a new way to reach customers.

“We were motivated to start Sea Scoops this season because this is the summer after such a difficult year when everyone especially wants to have fun, be outside and enjoy ice cream with friends and family,” she said.

“I think I needed something fun and exciting on my weekends,” she added.

Sea Scoops takes its name from Sierra’s father, who said he went to a restaurant called “The Sea Scoop” in the 1970s.

“When I had a really great name, I thought it would be great to make it come true,” Sierra said of the ice boat.

Sea Scoops menu

Here’s the ball: Sea Scoops has 14 different flavors of ice cream and even serves “puppy cups” for dogs.

Like Sierra’s father, many individuals helped build and maintain it, including Jeb Brown, a boat mechanic and Sherry’s husband; Sierra’s husband, Tyler Brown; and her logo designer Georgia Barrett.

Sea Scoops gets its ice cream from the Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor in Mashpee. Sierra Brown said Mark Lawrence, the owner of Polar Cave, was “extremely supportive” of their business. Sierra and Sherry also pride themselves on being an eco-friendly company with no footprint. The cups in which the ice cream is delivered are biodegradable and stay away from plastic, wooden spoons are used instead.

Sea Scoops offers a total of 14 flavors: 11 types of ice cream, a sorbet and two frozen yogurts. They also offer added flavor, but it’s not for humans. Sea Scoops also sells “Pup Cups” – a vanilla ice cream with a little treat made from milk bones.

Sea Scoops is able to keep all of these frozen goodies cold thanks to a portable electric freezer. This machine looks like a large cool box and is plugged in to keep the ice cold down to -7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sea Scoops Ice Cream

Sea Scoops is an environmentally friendly company that uses biodegradable packaging, not plastic, for its ice cream.

Regarding the challenges of running an ice cream boat, both Sierra and Sherry agreed that figuring out the tides and weather can be difficult, but they learn from it. Also, getting the ice and cooler on the boat can be a hassle, but once you’ve done it it’s usually a smooth sailing from there.

“It’s absolute to be out there and have fun. Once we’re on the boat it’s great fun, ”said Sherry.

“We love being on the boat and on the water,” added Sierra.

When on the water, Sea Scoops sails around the harbor to Little Island, the southern basin at Chapoquoit Beach, Black Beach, and Chapoquoit Island. Sherry added that Sierra can be very persistent and committed to making a sale as she will be kayaking over to another boat or location to make this possible.

Landlubbers can also get ice cream from Sea Scoops as the boat typically leaves West Falmouth Dock around 11:00 AM and goes up for sale on return to dock each day.

Sea Scoops Freezer

This portable electric freezer keeps the ice at -7 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the future, Sea Scoops would like to be on the water on Fridays and Mondays in the summer as well as hold private parties or events at private docks.

Overall, Sierra and Sherry said the best part about running Sea Scoops is spending more time with family and putting smiles on people’s faces.

“You cannot meet an unhappy person. If they’re unhappy, all they need is ice cream, ”said Sierra.


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