U.S. Coast Guard Releases 2020 Boat Safety Statistics – XS Sailing


We all know what a strange year 2020 was, and even though we now have half of the year 2021, the year we will remember is still with us in many ways. Ordinarily it wouldn’t be remarkable to publish a story about last year’s US Coast Guard boat safety statistics, but this time it just feels a little bit more: “Oh, but of course; it was 2020. “

According to the report, there were “767 boat accidents nationwide in 2020, an increase of 25.1 percent over 2019 (2,559 to 3,191).”

The report said there was evidence that boating activity increased significantly during the pandemic – based on “reports of increased boat sales, insurance policies taken out, insurance claims and requests to be towed”. We have certainly noticed the surge in boat sales. Yacht brokers and shipyards talked about the increase in business in 2020. Of course, we all know that sailing is a good pastime, and when everyone has had plenty of time it made sense to take advantage of it on the water. But of course this also means an increase in risk. Accordingly, there have been a number of incidents where “boaters recently bought the vessel involved in the incident but did not take many of the appropriate safety precautions before leaving”.

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