TV favorites Prunella Scales and Timothy West open the historic Braunston Narrowboat Rally


TV favorites Prunella Scales and Timothy West are sailing to Braunston in June for a weekend of fun and celebration.

Music mogul Pete Waterman is also a guest at the Braunston Narrowboat Rally and Canal Festival on June 25th and 26th.

Tim Coghlan, Director of Braunston Marina, where the event is being held, said it will be a weekend to remember.

He said: “With Covid restrictions now lifted and channels open again, we are holding our very special annual event on the last weekend in June – if we have traditionally held it since 2003, save for the loss of the last two years.

“We are now making all the necessary preparations. The waterways need something to celebrate – something to look forward to.

“Our first assessment of the owners of these historic narrowboats is that they can’t wait to come. Fifty-nine boats are already booked – five of which have never competed before – and they’re progressing. This could well be a vintage, perhaps with over 90 boats to come.”

Songwriter and producer and serial steamer enthusiast Pete Waterman was ready to start the event on the narrowboat steamer President with his butty Kildare, but the boiler will not be ready in time for the event.

Tim said: “Three days before the rally Pru will be 90 and this will be her channel birthday party with the Daventry Brass Band playing her Happy Birthday.”

The weekend includes music, theatre, stalls and refreshments. It runs daily from 10am to 5pm and costs £20 per car.


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