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WHY IT RATES: As demonstrated at its recent 2022 Luxury Summit, Dream Vacations/CruiseOne is creating training and marketing resources and opportunities to help its Advisors capitalize on consumers’ newfound willingness to embark on once-in-a-lifetime trips, now that travel is happening again possible is the agenda. — Laurie Baratti, co-author of TravelPulse

It’s more important than ever for travel consultants to know and stay on top of luxury vacation trends. Luxury is the top-grossing segment among repeat travelers, according to a Forbes Luxury Trends article, travelers are now embarking on their dream vacations. As a result, Dream Vacations/CruiseOne continues to invest in its at-home travel advisors by providing the most innovative and engaging resources to help franchise owners maintain and grow their businesses.

Recently, Travel Advisors attended the last Luxury Summit, where more than 70 Dream Vacations Travel Advisors honed their skills in helping clients secure and book luxury getaways. As part of the event, the team also announced marketing and training resources, including a new program that gives agents access to local tour operators in the destination they book.

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Forbes cited this due to the health crises; Travelers are looking for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This was also reflected in the supplier presentations. Suppliers stated that all-inclusive amenities, gourmet dining and large, luxurious staterooms are the top choices travelers make when considering luxury cruise products. The participants were informed about the factors that can influence customers. This includes bucket list destinations and itineraries, the experience and reputation of the cruise line, and the travel consultant’s recommendation.

“We wanted to set accents with the latest luxury trends. They paint a clear picture that customers are turning to travel consultants for their expertise,” said Drew Daly, senior vice president and general manager of Dream Vacations/CruiseOne. “We understand that innovation, customization and consumer insights are key to growing a small business, and at our Luxury Summit we made sure to address relevant best practices and arm our travel consultants with the latest tools, assets and content to help them Generate new leads and retain loyal customers.”

Dream Vacations/CruiseOne also unveiled a new program at the summit that offers franchise owners more opportunities to stay with their new and existing customers. Travel Advisors now have access to In Country Partners. The program gives agents access to local tour operators in the destination they book. These destination management companies add value by being locals, people who live and work locally and bring a wealth of knowledge to the vacation experience.

In addition, the marketing team has assembled a robust directory of luxury retailer marketing portals, providing a one-stop shop for agents looking to market luxury products. These portals offer different resources such as social media, email, videos, etc. that agents can integrate with custom marketing programs.

“We look forward to using the Luxury Asset Directory created by our marketing team. This is just one of the many takeaways I can’t wait to make,” said Amy Madson, owner and vacation specialist of Dream Vacations Madson & Associates. “Participating in the Luxury Summit allowed us to hear from top suppliers in a short amount of time, which gave us the opportunity to compare and contrast their products more clearly. This helps us better determine which cruise line is best for each individual customer. The knowledge we gain from these types of events is an invaluable tool in helping us grow our business.”

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