This is how you make money with your boat


When people think of buying a boat, they often imagine using their boat for recreational activities. They can also appreciate their privacy on board and give the interior a homely atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the sailing community has seen many setbacks over the past year in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Today, however, restrictions are being relaxed and boats are now freely cruising the waters. The desire to experience sea air and rustic river landscapes again is there, and you can earn a lot of money with it.

Every boat you buy can also serve as a lucrative money-making opportunity. Remember, this is not just a purchase but an investment and there are many opportunities associated with it for you to explore.

How can you make money with your ship? Read on after the jump for some suggestions.

Start teaching

Sailing, commanding, or otherwise steering a boat requires skill and finesse. It is possible to profitably pass on your knowledge to others.

Depending on the type of boat, you may be confronted with different requirements for your services. Sailing in particular requires strength and endurance, as well as memorizing the various parts of the boat that need to be cared for during a trip. In addition, it can be exciting when you all run around and adjust your boat for different weather conditions.

Of course, boats can’t just be used for navigation. Perhaps your boat can only be a means to an end in some of your teaching escapades? You can also take people on fishing trips or teach safety training and first aid techniques on the water. Set up a website and social media pages, and post lots of pictures of your teaching skills online. Hopefully they’ll spark some interest.

Make sure you have other amenities with you as well to keep people safe. Equipment may include first aid kits and life jackets. When trying to become a sailing instructor, follow the career path in terms of qualifications and compliance as well. Your services must be legitimate!

Use your location

Where you live can greatly affect the ways you can benefit from your boat. For example, you might consider guiding people through scenic waterways near you.

Get inspiration from places like Amsterdam, where canal cruises are extremely popular with both locals and tourists. If you happen to be cruising around on a body of water near something noteworthy, it is well worth showing visitors around. Remember that you need a license to travel with passengers.

Can you see or drive under famous bridges? Do whales or dolphins occasionally appear in your area? Are there any fascinating views nearby? Whether architecture, architecture or even breathtaking sunsets on the clear horizon, fresh eyes would pay their hard-earned money to see it all.

Don’t let your boat do all the work, either. Brush up on your knowledge of the websites you visit so you can let people know about your trip. If you have space, offer refreshments to your resident and try to make it as comfortable as possible for them. You can recommend your tours to family and friends if they are impressed with the experience.

Vlog your adventures

Many people would be curious about their life on the water but may not have the time or money to sail the oceans, rivers and canals themselves. However, they can still contribute to your money making goals in some ways.

You could set up a channel on a platform like YouTube and post videos detailing all of your experiences. Fans of your work could then subscribe, contribute to advertising revenue with their views or contribute small sums to one of your Patreon pages.

Remember to use some of your creativity here as well. Get familiar with editing software and consider taking your boating to the next level. For example, you could start diving from aboard your ship and record footage from the depths. People can be intrigued by those who live their lives in unique ways, so take advantage of this whenever possible.

Sell ​​your boat

Some people drift in and out of boating life. It may appeal to you for a couple of years, and then the hobby needs to be retired for a while.

Companies like TheYachtMarket have Bénéteau boats for sale, and you can sell your own ship through them too. If you ever miss life on the water just visit again when you’re ready and make your own purchase. Until then, however, you can trade in your boat for a little more cash thanks to global demand for quality stocks.

Remember, boats are becoming more popular than ever. So it might be a good idea to work with this demand while you are able. When trying to sell your boat elsewhere, timing can be critical as very few people want to buy a boat in the winter.

Get involved in peer-to-peer chartering

You may not want to get rid of your boat permanently. However, something still needs to be done if storage costs add up during a lull on your cruise.

In these situations, you can consider peer-to-peer chartering. You can rent your boat to other enthusiasts for some time and make some money off of your boat while you don’t want to use it. You can also set the parameters for these types of engagements. For example, you can:

  • Indicate that the renters must have qualifications and experience in sailing.
  • Set the dates when your ship will be available and make sure you don’t reply to anyone.
  • First, chat online with interested parties to assess their level of responsibility.
  • Take part in a skippered charter program with either you or another captain on board and overseeing the process.

There is some risk, but as you can see, there are many ways that you can mitigate these circumstances. As long as you do all the proper reviews and use trustworthy channels, you can make some money here.

Start a boat cafe business

Running a business from your boat can be a good idea. For example, you could run a cafe or restaurant and have guests screaming for tea, biscuits or fine meals on board.

Research all the licenses you need for the food industry and submit the relevant applications. The Canal & River Trust may need to be notified depending on your location. You may also need to keep your local council updated.

Make sure to moor your boat close to passers-by to attract as much business as possible. Also budget for necessary renovations to prepare your ship for trading and hygienic food preparation. A tempting theme or a cozy atmosphere can also work wonders.

Advertisements on the windows of your boat or signs posted on outside paths should help attract people. Use your ship as an excuse to be more creative with your marketing.


Buying a boat can only be the beginning of a long and lucrative journey. There are many exciting perspectives here, from running a company to sharing your experiences with the world. If you are tired of not using your boat enough, then maybe it is time to change your strategy a little. Create or sell some opportunities. You will benefit from it in any case and can experience life on the water again and again with cheap and used Bénéteau boats.

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