The Triton 660 AVA Submarine is a first-row luxury seat for the underwater experience


Amid the stringent 2020 bans and travel restrictions caused by the international health crisis, the private submersible sector flourished. It continues to do so, with more and more yacht owners turning to the handful of companies that make these types of “toys” to commission bespoke submarines for their superyachts. The new boom in superyacht explorers has also helped with the demand for submersibles, because what good is an explorer ship if it doesn’t pack all sorts of things explore Equipment.

Triton is a Florida-based company that makes record breaking submarines for individuals and businesses. It is also one of three US-based companies of its kind to report an increase in demand and ultimately sales. It only makes sense that Triton will usher in a new launch in late 2021. Step into the Triton 660 AVA series that adds a new twist to private underwater experiences when enjoyed at a larger party.

The 660 AVA series is available in two models, the 660/9 AVA and the 660/7 AVA. As with any other Triton submarine, the name is the key to its main characteristics: it is a submarine that sails to a depth of 201 meters and can carry either nine or seven people in total. One of them will be the pilot, who is centrally placed in the configurable layout, with passengers distributed in rows across the spacious cabin. The 660/9 AVA can carry eight adult passengers or, as Triton points out, six adults and four children.

The 660 AVA submarine offers the same interior space as a double-hulled submarine, but on a much smaller footprint. Triton notes that it takes up as much space aboard the mothership as a couple of stowed jet skis. The exact dimensions are 9.02 feet (2.75 meters) long, 14.8 feet (4.5 meters) wide, and 7.55 feet (2.3 meters) high. The endurance is 12 hours, with a top speed of 3 knots, an ideal combination for enjoying the views of the area or whatever you want to do underwater.

And that’s actually this new sub’s hottest selling point: its customizable layout. With the exception of the cockpit and the pilot’s seat, the seats in the cabin can be arranged depending on the owner and intended use. Triton suggests that the 9 seater is a perfect location for an underwater wedding, high roller club, underwater restaurant, or even a cocktail bar. That is, apart from the obvious functionality of being loaned to tourists who wish to go underwater for mere observation purposes.

The other advantage of the 660 AVA Sub is its free-form acrylic pressure hull that sets it apart from all others on the market. This isn’t a steel bubble with tiny portholes through which you have to struggle with the person next to you to peek through, but an oval thing made from Triton’s patent-pending Advanced Versatile Acrylics that is a sheet of acrylic in any shape you want be bent. This means that the view outside is not just 360 degrees, but completely free of deformation. Triton swears it’s almost like there’s nothing between you and the view, and that’s one of the reasons the company’s subs are preferred by researchers and film production studios.

The cabin has air conditioning and heating and plenty of legroom. It is also equipped with a professional sound system and adjustable color lights, for those times when you want the feeling of a nightclub but underwater. Powerful outdoor lighting and a 360-degree view should ensure a truly breathtaking viewing experience – provided, of course, you’re not there to gamble or get married.

At the time of publication, Triton holds several world firsts, including the first manned mission to the Titanic in 14 years and the largest spherical pressure acrylic hull, as well as the deepest diving acrylic hull in the world. The Triton 660 AVA series doesn’t break records or has them yet. That could change once a billionaire buys one and uses it for a game of round and a card game, or uses it for an underwater wedding.

It could happen very soon too. Details on pricing and deliveries have not been released, but Triton says so The Robb Report that they have already sold three 9-seaters: one to the owner of a private yacht, one for a Scenic cruise ship and a third for a boutique resort.


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