The local JetRIB Sea Ranger receives the innovation award after building a revolutionary boat for NSRI



Earlier this week, a JetRIB Sea Ranger built in Cape Town received an innovation award at the annual celebration of the International Maritime Rescue Federation.

Corresponding Eminetra, in a statement released on Friday, September 17, a member of the mayors’ committee in charge of economic opportunity and wealth management, Alderman James Vos, welcomed the news.

“This week I had the opportunity to view this revolutionary boat at the Bellville shipyard owned by Droomers Yahama, who worked with Admiral Powercats to develop and manufacture the JetRIB,” says Vos.

“It was specially developed for the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), which has decades of experience conducting rescue missions along the notoriously dangerous 3,000 km of South Africa’s coast,” added Vos.

He named Cape Town’s boat builders industry leaders when it came to innovation, design and quality. This is the primary goal to help the Western Cape become the largest naval manufacturing center in the country, reports IOL.

Vos confirmed that the industry generated export revenues of more than 2.3 billion rand in 2018 and that 45% of South African boat builders live in the province.

Cape Town’s boat exports have grown 20.5% year-on-year since 1014, with a trade balance of around R 1.042 billion annually.

The industry has also created over 11,000 jobs in Cape Town.

“One of my proudest moments as a member of mayco was the launch of city-funded BlueCape, which works closely with companies to expand the benefits of Cape Town’s ocean economy and create jobs and social improvements,” says Vos.

“BlueCape and its partners will focus on three growth areas: shipbuilding (boat building, surfboards, kites, sailing clothing, wetsuits, etc.); Production and maintenance of superyachts; and water sports (recreation, events and adventure tourism), ”concluded Vos.

Image: Facebook / NSRI



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