The local fishing industry is upset about the restoration of the Marine National Monument in Biden


WASHINGTON DC (WBZ NewsRadio) – President Biden restored an area off the coast of Cape Cod as a national marine monument on Friday, a move that enraged the local fishing industry.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument was originally created during the Obama administration to preserve marine life in this region. During the Trump administration, restrictions in the area that allowed commercial fishing were scaled back.

According to President Biden’s new executive measure, commercial fishing is banned in the area, but recreational fishing is allowed. The memorial is located more than 100 miles southeast of the Cape Cod coast.

Bob Vanasse talks about Saving Seafood Karyn Regal by WBZ (@karynregal) The trip to the area can only be done in a chartered fishing boat or mega yacht.

“The privileged few will allow fishing in the same way that working-class families in the swordfish and tuna industries cannot,” Vanasse said.

Vanasse said he wished the president had at least used the National Marine Sanctuaries Act to designate the area, which would require public input and scientific justification. The law was used to create a national marine monument in Barn wagon bench, an area stretching from Cape Ann to Provincetown, in 1992.

Trade Minister Gina Raimondo said in a statement that the restoration of this national marine monument shows the Biden government’s commitment to nature conservation.

“The monument’s rich biodiversity includes rare and endangered marine life – from deep-sea corals and fish to whales and sea turtles – that continue to be threatened by the climate crisis,” said Raimondo.

Karyn Regal by WBZ (@karynregal) has the story.

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