The 7 best places to visit in September in India


Shillong Autumn Festival is a cultural festival celebrated on the shore of Lake Umiam. The city is known for its indie rock scene and the program includes musical performances ranging from EDM to rock. There will also be exhibitions of local handicrafts, local wine tasting and kite flying competitions. There are several beautiful hotels and homestays in Shillong, with a long-awaited opening. After 30 years of construction, the state-run Crowborough Hotel, managed by Vivanta, will be welcoming its guests from September 7th.
When: September 10th.

See carpets of flowers on the Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra

Pogostemon deccanensis or “Jambhli Manjiri” on the Kaas Plateau.

Yogesh More / Alamy Stock Photo

Most think of Uttarakhand when they think of a valley full of flowers, but when you’re in Mumbai or Pune, there’s closer home. The Kaas Plateau is Maharashtra’s own flower-filled valley, which comes alive with the monsoons between August and October each year. Over 850 species of flowers thrive and bloom here each monsoon, many of which are rare and endangered. This year the site has been open to visitors since early August, but September is a great time to enjoy the flowers in full bloom. You’re likely to see orchids, wildflowers, carnivorous plants, and a variety of fascinating creatures that you may not have seen before. Online booking and registration is mandatory to visit Kaas and once there, beware of the fragile environment.
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