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For the past 13 seasons, fans have followed the wild life of the Frontier Brown family in Alaskan Bush People. The daily struggle for survival in an unforgiving country has made reality TV immersive and viewers cannot get enough.

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As with many Discovery Channel reality shows, the combination of personal and environmental struggles has resulted in engaging television. Fortunately for fans of the Brown family, there are plenty of shows like Alaskan Bush People to satisfy their appetite for gripping reality TV with similar topics.

10 Deadliest Catch – Available on Discovery +

Mahlon Reye's deadliest catch

The Discovery Channel hit gold at launch Deadliest catch, a series about fishermen and their boats in Alaska’s dangerous waters. Since 2005, viewers have followed the dangerous journeys of fishermen in their dangerous jobs and their fragile private lives.

The drama of the series is not only due to the dangerous conditions of their work, but also how their life turns out to be outside of the boat. Deadliest catch is in rarer company than one of the few reality shows to win an Emmy. Fans of Alaskan Bush People will love the epic stories that play out on the decks of the boats, and with over 15 seasons to watch, you’ll never run out of drama on the high seas.

9 Build Alaska – Available on Discovery +

A log cabin is being built in the snow in Building Alaska

Slightly different from the usual marginal tariff, DIY Network’s Build Alaska Instead, it tells the story of people who hope to build their dream huts in the rugged Alaskan landscape. Rather than following a single family or small group of recurring characters, viewers are taken on weekly trips as different people try to build their booths.

While not nearly as dramatic as most other Alaska-based reality shows, Build Alaska offers fans breathtaking views of the state and another side of what is possible on the wild frontier.


8th Alone – Available on DIRECTV


History channels Alone is a deviation from the Alaska limit formula. It’s a competitive style show where people compete against each other to battle who can survive longest in harsh landscapes. Competitors are expected to fend for themselves in environments as unforgiving as the Alaskan wilderness. The contestant’s struggles against nature presented some of the most dangerous moments on reality TV.

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It caters to fans of shows like Alaskan Bush People the chance to see other borders and how life is lived there. The competitive aspect also leads to increased drama, as the participants not only fight against the elements, but also against each other.

7th Gold Rush – Available on Discovery +

A gold digger sifts through the dirt in Gold Rush

The jobs available on the rugged border are often dangerous and high risk. In Discovery’s Gold rush, Spectators watch a group of gold diggers in the Yukon Territory of northern Canada trying to make a living in the dangerous country. The show shows the usual conflicts between humans and the environment as well as interpersonal conflicts that are typical for reality TV.

Although it only plays in Alaska for the first season, viewers will get their Alaska fix through the similar territory of the Yukon. How on Alaska Bushmen, sometimes the toughest fights don’t come from the country, but from the other people on the border. Fans will also enjoy the many reality TV spin-offs that came from Gold rush.

6th Mountain Men – Available on Discovery +

Morgan Beasley Mountain Gentlemen

Mountain gentlemen reminds viewers that Alaska is not the only pristine frontier. The show follows large numbers of people who have chosen to live apart from society in some of the last remaining pristine places in the United States.

From the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the Tetons of Idaho, the border residents live on their elaborate survival skills day in and day out, constantly battling the elements to get through.

5 Life Below Zero – Available on Disney +

Life below zero

Life below zero follows a number of people who live in the remote areas of Alaska. Every day is a struggle as they struggle to secure their next meal through hunting and other means of survival. The show offers an interesting look at life deep in the wilderness from a documentary perspective, with less of the sensation of traditional reality TV.

It’s a documentary series that fans want to watch over and over again and that goes well with viewers of Alaskan Bush People because it offers unedited views of one of the toughest environments in the world.

4th Yukon Men – Discovery +

Stan Zuray with dogs from Yukon Men

Discovery’s. focuses on a community rather than individual families Yukon men is another slice of life on the edge of civilization. In Tanana, Alaska, the city’s residents must work together to make their settlement flourish.

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This networking offers a unique view of the Alaskan community. Instead of just focusing on family survival, the characters focus in Yukon men invest in the success of their city. Fans of the Browns will be the subjects of. love Alaskan Bush People extended to an entire city and the difficulties associated with it.

3 The Last Alaskans – Available on Discovery +

Two Last Alaskans performers smile and hold axes in front of their log cabin

The name of the discovery channel The last Alaskans refers to the main premise of the show. The series follows several families who will be the last settlers allowed to fish in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

In addition to exploring the harsh reality of Alaskan life, the show also addresses issues of conservation. The characters on the show work to preserve the last vestiges of the historic Alaskan fur trapping practice and to keep themselves alive. This twist in the border angle of Alaska will be fans of Alaskan Bush People invested.

2 Edge Of Alaska – Available on Discovery +

Edge of Alaska, also from the Discovery Channel, puts residents of McCarthy, Alaska, against the elements and against each other. The city of just 40 people has to grapple with its reputation as America’s toughest city and its dwindling traditions.

At the heart of the show’s conflict is the clash between Alaska Frontier traditionalists who want to live off the land and the slowly advancing modern world. In most Alaska-based reality shows, the characters retreat into the wild to preserve their way of life and a degree of traditionalism Edge of Alaska, Viewers experience the conflict between old and new firsthand.

1 Alaska: The Last Frontier – Available on Discovery +

Cast from Alaska The Last Frontier

Discovery’s. follows the Kilcher family as they seek to earn a living in the Alaskan wilderness Alaska: The Final Frontier is the prototypical Alaska reality show. Debut before Alaskan Bush People, the show gives viewers a glimpse into the life of another Alaskan family dealing with problems very similar to the Browns.

The conflicts are due not only to the harsh landscape, but also to family struggles. The country living lifestyle often weighs on their relationships, and the real meat of the show comes from family dynamics.

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