Suri Cruise’s estimated net worth is truly impressive for a 15 year old



Like many of us, celebrities have a tendency to have children at some point in their lives. Whether these kids choose to follow their parents’ endeavors that made them famous from the start, or they choose to sit on the couch their entire lives and do nothing, they will inevitably grow up in the lap of luxury with a hefty legacy across the board. As the rich get richer, some have begun to ask specific questions how rich some of these children are and what to expect later in life. Suri Cruise is such a rich kid, what is her net worth and where is it from?

Suri Cruise is the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise perform on stage at the 2017 Z100 Jingle Ball. | Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

If the name was no indication, Suri Cruise is the daughter of Tom Cruise, born during his marriage to Katie Holmes in 2006. Although her birth was of great interest to many, Cruise remained largely older out of the public eye. Although there are paparazzi photos, she doesn’t seem to have social media and has not gotten used to acting or modeling like her parents. Apart from the snapshots in public, she mostly stays to herself.

Although Suri takes his last name, sources close to the celebrities say the Impossible mission Star is “estranged” from his daughter and even misses her final 15th birthday to keep making a film in England. Rumor has it he hasn’t seen her in years, although the full extent of their interactions is not really known to the public (although we can say they haven’t been seen together in public for a while). In contrast, Holmes (who she lives with) and Suri are said to have a very strong relationship, with loved ones describing how much they care for each other and Cruise’s love for her mother.

What is Suri Cruise’s net worth?

Cruise is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $ 500,000 Celebrity Net Worth. However, given Holmes’ net worth of $ 25 million and Tom Cruise’s net worth of $ 600 million, she could end up inheriting even more.

How did she get her money?

Like most children, Cruise does not have a job and did not make her valued fortune herself. Instead, she is expected to inherit this when she is older. If she has a job of her own or some pocket money, we’re not entirely sure how much she would make, but it’s pretty unlikely she’ll be lacking for anything.

As most know, her parents earned this potential legacy through acting, with both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes being pretty well-known movie stars. Also, her father makes a lot by being the face of Scientology. How his strained relationship with his daughter will affect her future legacy is anyone’s guess, though apparently hoping that at some point he can fix things.

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