Scenic Group will refund travel consultant commissions within 21 days


According to a press release, Scenic Group USA has introduced its new Advance Commission Program initiative, which compensates travel agents within 21 days of paying in full for a booking.

Registered Consultants who book their clients on any of Scenic Group’s Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours and Scenic Eclipse or Emerald Cruises and sail at least six months in advance will be paid within 21 days, beginning July 1, according to Scenic Group.

To participate in this program, agency owners, whether independent or host, must first register with Scenic Group USA. You will then receive a registration confirmation within five working days. The Scenic Group also confirmed that eligible departure bookings must be made at least six months after the booking date and payment must be completed at least six months before the departure date. Guests also benefit from this incentive as they are eligible for full deposit savings offered by both Scenic and Emerald Cruises.

“We are immensely grateful for the hard work and perseverance shown by our travel partners through two of the toughest years the travel industry has ever seen,” said Ann Chamberlin, VP of Sales, Scenic Group USA.

“To thank them for their loyalty and to reward their ongoing sales efforts as travel makes a comeback, we created this program to ensure they get in their pockets faster.”

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