Scenic design of a new class of luxury yachts


Scenic Cruises will continue its expansion into luxurious oceans and confirm that the upcoming Scenic Eclipse II and Emerald Sakura from their sister brand will be the last for these classes.

“There will be a new series that we are already working on,” said Scenic Chairman and Founder Glen Moroney during a special one-off sailing on the Scenic Eclipse in Saudi Arabia.

“And the same with Azzura, Azzura II (Emerald Sakara) will be the last of this series, and then there will be another. We’re working on interesting things. We are not finished yet.

“But on both sides, Scenic and Emerald, we see a lot of potential in this small ship size. I will never build more than 300 passengers. “

Mr. Moroney said that Emerald Azzura will visit Saudi Arabia for the next season and in 2023, but the Eclipse and Eclipse II will not.

“At this point, I don’t think they have the infrastructure to cruise the Red Sea, but over time, over the next five years or so, that will change.”

He also said the Darkness II, which was delayed due to the pandemic and shipyard problems, is getting a completely redesigned upper deck with a new outdoor pool and more sun deck area. The ship is scheduled to be launched in April 2023.

If that Picturesque solar eclipse The ship, which entered service in 2019, had an indoor outdoor pool in the yacht club area on the aft deck of Deck 5, which Mr Moroney admitted was not working for guests.

But the pool on the Picturesque solar eclipse II – which will be the same size as the original yacht club pool – will be placed between the two whirlpools. The stairs are also being relocated and additional wind deflectors are being installed, which transform the room into a large sundeck that is missing on one darkness.

“One area we didn’t think about as much when building the rest was the upper deck. And when we got on board and walked around on the upper deck and said, ‘Wow, that’s huge, what are we going to do with it?’

“So for the next note we go one step higher.”


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