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Updated June 28, 2022 1:42 p.m

The 45 foot yacht braverywhich began taking water en route to Bermuda is being towed to Puerto Rico by the US Coast Guard.

Three American sailors sailing from the British Virgin Islands to Bermuda were rescued after their yacht began taking water.

The sailors were rescued about 300 miles north of Puerto Rico by the US Coast Guard, who also towed the 45-foot vessel bravery to Puerto del Rey Marina, arriving on Sunday.

bravery was being delivered to Bermuda from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, on Thursday when it began taking on water from an unidentified source and crew were unable to control the flooding, the Coast Guard said in a press release cited in the agency yesterday St Thomas Source.

Coast Guard Sector San Juan sentries received a call from the wife of the Coast Guard at 1 p.m. Thursday bravery Captain who reported the distress and that her husband and two other male crew members needed help, the press release said.

Coast Guard sentries in the San Juan sector made contact with the captain, who reported that the ship’s engine room was flooded and that they were attempting to manually drain the room.

The Coast Guard cutter Joseph Tezanos and an HC-130 Hercules aircraft from Elizabeth City Air Station in North Carolina went to the scene where the crew dropped two pumps and a VHF radio to the crew of the sailboat.

bravery The crew identified two sources of flooding and stabilized the ship by using the pumps to remove more than 1,700 gallons of water from the engine room.

The Coast Guard crew also established communications with the 590-foot Cypriot-flagged cargo ship Smaller, who was diverted to render assistance. That Smaller stayed on site with the bravery while the tailor Joseph Tezanos completed his 15 hour journey.

At around 4:30 a.m. on Friday, the cutter crew put their small boat into the water to go on board and set up a tow line with the damaged sailing ship and attempt repairs.

The cutter finished towing the bravery on Sunday morning to 15 miles north of Puerto Rico, where a Sea Tow Puerto Rico vessel provided assistance and completed towing to Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo, the press release said.


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