Polo Team USA presented by Hotels at Sea and Celebrity Cruises wins the World Cup


Team USA, presented by world-renowned Hotels at Sea and Celebrity Cruises, wins the World Cup.

Wellington, FL, USA – The highly talented and popular USA polo Team that won the World Cup. It’s a mammoth victory for the team and the country, and reflects its never-tell-them spirit.

“We are very happy about the world championship title in polo,” says Tareq salah, owner of Hotel at Sea Polo Team USA. “It was an exciting finale that went right to the end. We won the extremely tough game with a goal 6:5.”

This win is big business for them horse polo Team USA presented by Hotels at Sea and Celebrity Cruises. It’s as big as winning the Super Bowl or the World Cup of Soccer for polo.

Polo Team USA presented by Hotels at Sea, US Polo Assn. Global Polo TV & Celebrity Cruises won by one goal and a final score of 6 to 5. Teammates included pro players Ivan Maldonado, Jonas Larguia, Debbie Nash and team captain Tareq Salahi.

The last 30 seconds of the game was a thriller in every way. Polo Team USA led by a narrow goal when Team Ecuador were awarded a penalty. They took the shot but it was brilliantly blocked by Polo Team USA Captain Tareq Salahi followed him in the air with his racquet, followed by the only female player, Debbie Nash, who saved the ball for the US team who stayed just seconds. Great teamwork prevented the other team from leveling the game in the last 30 seconds.

The playing conditions were extremely challenging as the match was played at almost 10,000 feet. The Polo World Cup final was a spectacular success; with several thousand fans attending the event and will be broadcast shortly on Global Polo TV.

According to Polo Team US spokeswoman Colleen Kantas, the Galapagos World Cup Trophy is unique. Individual trophies valued at $25,000 per trophy and the unique Tortoise Perpetual Cup valued at over $1 million. Crafted and designed by official jeweler Flor de la Vida, it now remains to be won for generations in the future.

The International Polo Tour Galapagos World Cup is the greatest all-time trophy in the world. It weighs over 500 pounds and is the size of a real Galapagos tortoise. The trophy is almost four feet tall and almost the same width.

Following their victory, the polo team and other guests celebrated a week-long adventure cruise aboard the Celebrity Flora, which was purpose-built to explore the Galapagos Islands! To book next year’s IPT Polo Tour & Galapagos Cruise, contact Hotels at Sea online.

About the International Polo Tour®:

International Polo Tour® endorses and sanctions the love of the game and its social public tourism events for the luxury market and luxury travel and cruise industries. Part of the IPT mission is to open up the game to a wider audience in the luxury and tourism markets, to bring international cultures together to celebrate both their common bonds and their diversity.

For the tour schedule visit: www.InternationalPoloTour.com

About Hotels at Sea® Cruises:

Hotels at Sea®’s award-winning cruise programs offer curated VIP luxury cruises and polo programs on behalf of the cruise industry worldwide. Hotels at Sea® offers unbeatable SUITE rates on all cruise lines worldwide. The Hotels at Sea® Polo team is proud to represent the IPT United States Polo programs that support tourism with our government and luxury partners around the world where cruise ships sail. Hotels at Sea® is proud to offer new all-inclusive luxury vacations and business conferences aboard cruise ships. Hotels at Sea® & Connoisseur Traveler™ are the ultimate choice for luxury, safety, comfort and value. Hotels at Sea® serves luxury suite guests, groups and charters worldwide.

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