Online collaboration and the “Great Reset”


Everyone is talking about going back to the office – but not the way they used to. The way we work together has changed forever, as has the way customers interact with brands.

This gives us plenty of opportunities to develop green policies, suggests Payne, but general sustainability issues need to be deliberately included in the discussion to ensure they are prioritized and the focus of rethinking.

“We’re seeing organizations like BT move from 300+ offices to 30 super-hub collaboration centers. So this is a huge opportunity for anyone to really think about, do we need all these trips and all these people in the offices? Do we need all this energy consumption? “

And when it comes to looking after our customers: “We are conditioned to think about the word sustainability related to saving the planet and environmental friendliness. But from an organizational standpoint, one of the biggest things when you think about it is how to keep the contact center going. Or how do you maintain good customer service? “

Maintaining the supply chain

This could mean rethinking the entire supply chain, from sourcing the products to delivering the last mile. Just as a large boat stuck in a narrow waterway can make an impact worldwide months later, getting goods to your door is even a challenge given today’s consumer expectations.

“The gig economy has brought so much outsourcing with it,” he said, thinking of a recent disaster awaiting a scheduled delivery of home appliances. “I had to speak to the contact center about four times, because normally when you log in you can see exactly where the truck is and how many stops it has to drive – but not this time. I suspect what really happened was that they placed the order with a contractor who was not logged into their tracking system and no one could tell me where my goods were or when to expect them.

“In the end, I canceled the order and went somewhere else and will think twice before buying anything else from you – so it will damage your brand.”

However, companies need to work with the gig economy to be sustainable, Payne contemplates as part of the big reset.

“People are redesigning their living and working worlds, they want their private life and their children, the money they need, the quality of life and social interaction on their own terms, better equipped to support and cope with this, or they will become realize that their business is no longer sustainable. “

It means rethinking the whole approach.

Digital by design

“You need to design your approach around a connected customer journey and think about that customer journey first – how can I get things up and running as quickly as possible,” with the least amount of time the customer takes.

“It forces you to think about automation wherever you can, reusing information you already have wherever you can, so you don’t waste the customer’s time asking them about things you should already know. Intelligent use of data and analyzes. “

So we have the technology to make the “new normal” better and more environmentally friendly than the old one – for customers, agents and companies. It’s a sustainability strategy that is worth pursuing, that is truly a win-win-win situation.


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