Nefertiti of KSINC made a profit of Rs 1 crore in one month – The New Indian Express


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KOCHI: Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC) has thrown all doubts about Nefertiti’s viability out the window, raking in Rs 1 crore in revenue from operating its flagship luxury cruise ship in just a month. This is the first time the vessel has generated such high revenue since KSINC began operations in December 2018. Appropriate marketing strategy to attract tourists, as well as the establishment of a 24×7 call center and other timely interventions helped KSINC make the profit.

“When the ship was launched four years ago, there were many concerns about its chances of success. Almost a year after its launch, the tourism sector has faced a major jolt due to the Covid outbreak. Nofirtiti had to lie idle for several months. But after the second wave, tourism started to boom. In addition, precise marketing and crucial decisions, including the establishment of a 24/7 call center, also helped make Nefertiti a huge success,” said a KSINC official.

The 48 meter long and 15 meter wide mini cruise ship can transport up to 200 people at the same time. “We reached this 1 billion milestone by completing more than 30 trips in May alone. Further trips are currently technically not possible. Nefertiti will be able to make more trips at a lower cost once KSINC’s own jetty, which is under construction near Kochi Fine Arts Hall, is completed,” the official added.

Nefertiti also became a popular location for film promotions and filming. Many movie stars, including Mohanlal, have traveled on Nefertiti. President Ram Nath Kovind also shared his unique experience after visiting Nefertiti with his family.

Nefertiti has attractions such as a banquet hall with space for up to 200 people, a restaurant, a children’s playground, a sun deck, a lounge bar and a 3D theater. The ship can also be booked for business meetings, weddings and other celebrations. It also offers individual ticket trips. Nefertiti Cruise tickets can be pre-booked online at


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