NCP challenges the NCB to prove claims about Aryan Khan’s “remorse”



When did Aryan Khan say that? Did the NCB team go to Arthur Road jail? You have to show the video evidence for it, said Nawab Malik

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Mumbai: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Minister Nawab Malik fired another volley and on Monday called on the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) to prove claims made by some unnamed officials that Aryan Khan “remorse” about his behavior on Arthur Road Central expressed jail.

According to some unconfirmed reports in some media outlets, Aryan Khan recently had a “counseling session” with the NCB teams in prison.

The unverifiable reports, attributed to unidentified NCB sources, alleged that Aryan Khan was allegedly “full of guilt and remorse” for his recent actions, which have led to his arrest and detention for the past 17 days.

Aryan Khan, son of megastar Shah Rukh Khan, has also reportedly made promises to the NZB sniffer dogs that in the future he would “behave”, do some good public activity and open a new page that even the NZB “proud of him” would “would do ‘.

The NCP’s national spokesman, Nawab Malik, directly dismissed these reports, saying the central narcotics authority, which relies on “electronic evidence” should release the video in which Aryan Khan allegedly made such statements to the NCB.

“When did he say that? Did the NCB team go to Arthur Road Prison? You have to show the video evidence for it,” Malik urged the NCB.

He said the NCB is now under fire from everywhere, including the Top legal experts in the country who have said that one indulges in such fraudulent cases for cheap advertising.

“It is high time the NCB stopped telling false stories like this. Let the truth come to light and it will wash away all the lies that have been strewn so far,” said Malik.

The minister went on to claim that it was “now confirmed that Aryan Khan” will be released on bail on October 20, and that the NCB is trying to “spread some positive news in its favor,” but the real truth will soon emerge.

Aryan Khan was arrested along with seven other people after the NCB raided an alleged rave party aboard a raid Luxury cruise ship on October 2nd. He was arrested on October 3 and has been in NCB and judicial custody since then. The agency has arrested a dozen other people in connection with the case.

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