Money Stuff: Credit Suisse, Mozambique committed securities fraud


If you’re a big international bank and you’re hired to arrange financing for the Mozambique government to fund a fishing boat project, and the government officials on the deal say, ‘Hey, you know what, if you have half a billion dollars collect? Investors for this project, instead of putting the money into an official government account, why not send it directly to our shipbuilder in Abu Dhabi, they will handle … a few … transactions for us” is a good idea for you must have this Screen contractors with due diligence, screen them and see what they’re about. Ideally, the due diligence report comes back stating, “Yes, this contractor is great, the person in charge is an upstanding character who works diligently for various government projects, and everyone he works with vouches for their integrity.” But that is not said! Come on. It will say:

Yeah, I mean those are probably recommendations on his LinkedIn. That’s probably his job description on LinkedIn, “Master of Kickbacks at Self-Employed”. If you’re in the business of preventing nine-figure payments between big investment banks and government projects in emerging markets, you almost inevitably have to divert a large portion of those payments for bribes. Here:


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