Meet Sean Register, Part Two: A GPA Ambassador



Editor’s Note: This week, Georgene Brazer is finishing her profile of Sean Register, former chairman of the Bryan County Development Agency.

My last column on August 26th was about Sean Register, titled “Meet Sean Register, A Man Who Never Stops Giving.” As I was writing, I realized that additional stories about this man, a man who was dedicated to the ministry here and beyond, deserved an additional article. And so the next article, this story, is told here.

Captain Will Donaldson held a perpetual master’s license with notation for supertankers and is a mechanical engineer in the energy industry. He has professional expertise at senior management level for the planning, construction and commissioning of large LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plants worldwide. Captain Donaldson is the holder of two silver medals and a native of Savannah. He told me about Sean’s involvement in the marine world when he started his career in Savannah, where he worked for a bulk factory. Sean has worked in many different sectors of the maritime industry and shipping business and held the second U.S. government license to trade with Cuba when trading began in 2002 in some way to serve or help others to get better.”

And with that statement in mind, let me introduce you to the expanded story that began in my last column about this extremely important, unusual, frankly, extraordinary man.

Another hot, humid day began to turn out as I drove to the construction of the Port Fuel Center, due to open in October, on the corner of Augusta Road and Grange Road in Port Wentworth, literally around the corner from the harbor.

I wanted to be there early before meeting Sean for a tour to get a feel for where and why for the project he envisioned and was building on the site.

Sitting in the parking lot of the gas station, in 20 minutes I counted 50 trucks driving down Grange Road to the port. I drove down Grange Road which leads to the harbor (Gate 8) and then took a couple of turns to get to other gates. As I drove, I realized that there were no facilities for truckers, no gas stations, food, toilets, rest stops, or places to wait to unload or collect their freight containers.

Until now. The perfect stopover for groceries, fuel and 24/7 clean toilets, PFC, Port Fuel Center.

Sean created this center with a big vision in mind to be a premier fuel and food facility for interstate and harbor trucks, but also an ideal place for family recreation and service.

For truckers there is a shuttle from their truck to the shop, which keeps pedestrian traffic in the parking lot safe, as well as on-site truck repairs and a real-time monitor for the gates of the GA Port Authority to help truckers determine the gate traffic for Ports to help.

There is also reserved parking for the night, laundry, showers, and even an outdoor hand-washing station for truckers with instantly biodegradable towels to keep the area clean and tidy.

As Captain Donaldson told me in every way, “This man is a phenomenal port ambassador.”

Darien Schulte is the vice president of membership of NATSO, the National Association of Truck Stop Operators, a non-profit that represents the truck stop and travel center industry and drives the success of truck stops and travel centers through education and public policy. Mr. Schulte said Sean is always positive, always challenges charismatic and positive, and is never a deal breaker.

Schulte said Sean makes work a fun trip. “Sean had no firm beliefs about the project or the results of what it should look like, he went about it with no idea what he was doing,” said Schulte. “He was ready to change his ideas, to adapt, to research, without set expectations, to be flexible and open-minded in order to realize and develop his vision. He is always looking for long term sustainability to improve and support the community he loves. He has a unique quality for reaching out to and learning from everyone.

This is a man who really listens, a special person, a visionary who has figured out what the port needs and what the drivers need to create a successful idea and operation. ”Sean is a longtime personality in the maritime industry and a well-known operator of ships transporting a wide range of products to the Caribbean and Central America.

His shipping company Register International is headquartered in Richmond Hill. Sean is a founding member of the Georgia-Cuba Trade Association. Concerned about the “incredible people in Cuba, our friends”, he delivered over 750,000 tons of food to Cuba.

Politics is one thing, but the people down there need to be served. You are dying for American products, ”he said. Georgia is now the third largest state shipping company after Cuba. Always give, always think. “If the embargo were lifted or relaxed, Georgia would have well over a billion dollars dealing with Cuba. Remember how wonderful for our economy. As of now, all cargo transported from the United States to Cuba must be agricultural, telecommunications, humanitarian, or medical goods.

If I can, I’d like to bring a group of businesses down in Bryan County because there will be a definite need for all that we have to offer in terms of goods and services. “

A man who always thinks about success for others. Robert Agbede was introduced to Sean over 10 years ago. His company Chester Group, Inc. wanted to bring gas and LNG to the Caribbean as an energy source. The big concern was how to get it there.

Sean, known in every port there, was “a good citizen of the region, a good promoter. I believed in him, he carried the LNG for me. “

When Robert Agbede talked to me about his relationship with Sean, one word occurred to me: search.

Sean is always on the lookout.

Then I thought of the Man of La Mancha song, “The Impossible Dream”, but thought positively because Sean is always on the lookout and The Impossible Dream, from feeding the people of Cuba to creating an incredible travel center around truckers, Satisfying travelers, the local community, the people who work in the port and its ancillary facilities is becoming a reality that benefits many.

To “reach the unreachable star”, Sean follows that star and has reached it and more. Thank you Sean for being you and always giving to others, always looking, always for the next great adventure.

Georgene Brazer is Chair of the Richmond Hill Downtown Development Authority and a Ford resident. She can be reached at georgenebrazer



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