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Charleston Race Week is back in full force. Coronavirus has canceled the iconic spring regatta in 2020, while the ongoing pandemic has forced organizers to hold a reduced event in 2021. As conditions improve across the United States, Charleston Race Week 2022 will show a return to normal.

A fleet of more than 200 boats in 15 classes is expected to call at Charleston, SC for the 27th edition April 29-May 1 in this famous southern coastal city.

“The past two years have been difficult for sailboat racing with numerous regattas being canceled or postponed. It is a testament to the popularity of Charleston Race Week, the dedication of our sponsors and the determination of our participants that we were able to hold the 2021 regatta amid the pandemic,” said Event Director Randy Draftz.

“We are thrilled to have made it to the other side and look forward to hosting a regatta that will be better than ever. Charleston Race Week, which has always been a regatta like no other, is making a strong comeback this year.”

Quantum Sails deserves applause and praise for its unwavering support of Charleston Race Week, which has lasted for nearly a decade. Quantum’s resources were a key reason the 2021 regatta was a success despite the inability to conduct social activities.

Quantum Sails will once again have a prominent role at Charleston Race Week 2022 as the main sponsor and will have numerous local staff to support sailors on and off the racetrack.

“The combination of a great venue, the best competition and amazing social activities is why Charleston Race Week is considered by many to be the premier annual regatta in the United States,” said Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum.

“Thanks to the excellent management, the event attracts the best sailors and gives racers of all levels the opportunity to experience competition at the highest level. The unique opportunity to have access to the top professionals in their classes for dock talks and world-class coaching for debriefs gives people a front row seat to learn from the best.”

Headquartered at the Charleston Harbor Marina & Resort, things will continue as usual with live music parties and daily racing highlights at the Jumbotron.

“We feel confident that we can conduct the parties in a safe and responsible manner,” Draftz said. “A big part of Charleston Race Week is the social side and we’re excited for sailors to be able to gather again to enjoy camaraderie and camaraderie.”

The T2PTV video production, with cinematographer Bruce Nairn and course commentator Ashley Love, will be filming on all six courses (four inshore, two offshore) and put together an exciting highlights package that will practically bring viewers aboard the boats.

As always, Charleston Race Week will provide expert advice, guidance and analysis to all participants. Sponsored by Quantum, daily weather briefings are streamed online every morning. Leandro Spina, director of US Sailing’s Olympic Development Program, will lead the sessions after the races are concluded.

Spina has been with US Sailing since 2008 and has been dedicated to identifying and supporting the next generation of American Olympic sailors. In 2018, the United States Olympic Committee named Spina Developmental Coach of the Year. Spina’s in-depth debriefings take place in person in front of the Jumbotron and use drone footage.

Charleston Race Week brings back Pro-Am competition after the April 30th races when some of the sport’s top luminaries compete aboard RS 21 One designs on a short near-shore course.

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publisher’s Note: It’s great to see the event again, although I’m not sure about the new Race Directions programme. Do we really need another program to race? Send your thoughts to [email protected]

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