Luxury cruise ship Cordelia with 1200 travelers at anchor in Kochi


When the luxury cruise ship Cordelia set sail for a stopover on the beautiful coasts of Kochi, hundreds of people who depend on the tourism sector for a living rejoiced. The harbor wore a festive look and Cordelia sailed to a reception organized by tour operators and enthusiastic locals. After two years of pandemic lull, the tourism sector is showing signs of recovery. The government has also eased restrictions to stimulate one of the most lucrative sectors of the state. From small businesses to popular tour operators who lure tourists with attractive packages, everyone was full of hope when Cordelia anchored in Kochi. Car and taxi drivers have been waiting since the morning after learning that the Cordelia will dock at Kochi Harbor. Meanwhile, antique sellers and agents from resorts and hotels were busy wooing the cruise ship passengers, which promised a wonderful Kochi experience.

The luxury liner had over 1200 travelers from all over the country on board. 800 travelers boarded the ship for a day – land tour in Kochi. Cordelia took off from Mumbai on September 20th and reached Kochi on September 22nd. Travelers were guided to the various locations that boast of the city’s rich cultural heritage. The passengers were divided into three groups according to the pandemic protocol and visited Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. Boat trips in the backwaters were also arranged for those who wanted to enjoy the lakes of Kerala.

Luxurious experience
Nazia, a native of Kozhikode, is delighted with the cruise she enjoyed with her parents and sister. Before leaving, she didn’t even forget to advise everyone to go on a luxury cruise ship at least once in a lifetime. Nazia’s father, meanwhile, is glad that this trip helped him relax and remove the stress of lockdown and pandemic restrictions. Most travelers vouch for the incredible experience of a cruise. They say the ship doesn’t offer ultra-luxurious five-star amenities, but rather decent three-star amenities that would surely make a traveler comfortable and happy.

Hailing from Malappuram Kottakal, Yasser Arafat believes Cordelia has all of the amazing facilities that are normally offered on a foreign luxury liner. A tour operator by trade, Yasser says he took advantage of the tour operator specials. He added that around half of the passengers were travel agents who had made the trip to try out the cruise ship’s facilities. The majestic Cordelia has 796 cabins on 11 decks. In addition to 1200 passengers, there are 692 employees on the Lakshadweep ship.

Swimming pool, three restaurants, fitness center, spa, theater, casino, night club, DJ parties, five bars, live bands and shopping facilities have been set up in this cruise ship. The restaurants boast lively menus that include more than a hundred different dishes. Travelers are impressed by the spectacular dining experience and rave about the quality of the food served in the ship’s restaurants.

Affordable prices
The most amazing thing about Cordelia cruises is that you can enjoy a luxury cruise ship experience without burning a hole in your pocket. While prices would vary depending on the package chosen, the average Indian can easily afford to travel aboard Cordelia. The travel company charges between Rs 22,000 – Rs 30,000 for trips that are three nights and four days. If you are traveling with your family, more than two people will be accommodated in a single room. This would significantly reduce spending. An unforgettable trip on Cordelia is an easily achievable dream for someone who wants to enjoy the luxurious facilities of a cruise ship, the fascinating high seas and the beautiful port cities. The spectacular packages offered by the cruise line are really affordable compared to the cost of a domestic trip ashore.

The cruise ships were brought to India to provide local tourists with an international luxury cruise ship experience. Tickets can be booked through the tourism portal of the IRTCT’s official website.

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