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Each Jaws film features a new great white chasing the heroes, and each has a creative ending; This is how the sharks are dispatched.

Each entry in the Jaw franchise featured a new great white man terrorizing the film’s heroes, and here’s how each met their downfall. The success of Steven Spielberg Jaw made a sequel inevitable, and the series would sort of legitimize the idea of ​​making sequels in Hollywood. before Jawoutside of occasional franchises like the James Bond series or AirportFollow-ups were rare. pine 2 was another big hit, although it didn’t receive the plaudits that greeted the original.

Spielberg is dead pine 2 partly out of fear of getting back on the water – after the agonizing production of the first entry – and because he felt sequels “a cheap showman’s trick.” He also passed on 3D pineand while he’s polite enough not to openly blast the sequels, he’s reportedly made it clear he never wants to box his original film with the Jaw follow-ups. The shark from the first film – nicknamed “Bruce”, after Spielberg’s attorney – was very, very dead by the end of the credits, necessitating a new great white man pine 2.


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Unlike slasher franchises like Halloweenwhere Michael Myers is seemingly unable to kill the sharks in the Jaw Saga are very mortal. Every outing had to get a little creative, as did the heroes doing them, so here’s every shark death im Jaw film series.

Every shark death in the Jaws franchise

Jaws (1975) – Compressed air tank explosion

Kiefer, brody, smile you son of a bitch

Until the final of Jaw, “Bruce” destroyed Hooper’s (Richard Dreyfuss) shark cage – and almost ate its occupant – destroyed the orca and ate Robert Shaw’s quint. Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) is the last man standing and manages to drop a pressurized oxygen tank into the shark’s gaping maw. As the boat sinks and Bruce charges at Brody one last time, the desperate Chief fires his rifle at the beast, hoping to hit the tank. At the last moment, he stumbles upon gold and the shark explodes into bloody pieces.

Jaws 2 (1978) – Electoricuted By Power Cable

Shark death in the mouth 2

Unlike the original, Brody and pine 2 Great White only meets in the final. At this point, a group of stranded teenagers are trying to reach a small island with their wrecked boats. Brody’s son Sean is among the youngsters, but the shark attacks again and hope seems lost when Brody – who didn’t return 3D pine – crashes his ship too. After hanging onto an underwater cable and recalling a previous story about sharks being attracted to noise, the Chief slams the cable to lure the hungry predator. It charges at Brody while holding the cable up, and the Chief jumps back as the shark bites, being horribly fried by the electricity.

Jaws 3D (1982) – grenade explosion

Floating teeth in jaw 3d

The shark in 3D pine is the largest in the series at 35 feet long. After being trapped at SeaWorld with her baby – who is captured by staff but dies in captivity – she emerges and begins eating the tourists. Oceanographer FitzRoyce (Simon MacCorkindale) is swallowed alive by the beast and crushed in its maw as it attempts to pull a needle from his grenade.

later in Jaws 3Ds – Whose Cannon Status Is Complicated – Hero Mike Brody (Dennis Quaid) discovers FitzRoyce’s body and the grenade still lodged in the shark’s mouth as it attacks an underwater control room. After a few frantic smacks with a hook, Mike detonates the grenade and the resulting implosion causes the shark to vanish in a cloud of blood and guts.

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Jaws: The Revenge (1987) – Impaled/Explosion

How the shark dies Jaws: The revenge depends on the version being viewed. In the original US theatrical version, the heroes – consisting of Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) and her son Mike (Lance Guest) – shock the creature with a homemade device. This lifts it out of the water before Ellen rams the boat’s broken bow into the side. This causes the shark to bleed to death and destroy the Neptune’s Folly boat with its death spasms.

The critical reception Jaws: The revenge — whose original plan called for a megalodon — was notoriously bad, so Universal quickly remade the ending to ensure crowd favorite Jake (Mario Van Peebles) survived for viewers overseas. They also reshot the death of the shark, where it inexplicably explodes after being hit by the boat.

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