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KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust handled 96,220 tons of cargo in the last 24 hours up to Thursday, of which 57,312 tons were imported and 38,908 tons were exported.

The total import cargo of 57,312 tons comprised 24,918 tons of container freight, 14,085 tons of bulk cargo, 6,395 tons of wheat and 11,914 tons of oil / liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 38,908 tons comprises 19,157 tons of container freight, 6,612 tons of cement, 7,233 tons of clinker and 5,906 tons of oil / liquid freight.

Almost 3644 containers, of which 1624 import containers and 2020 export containers, were processed in the last 24 hours on Thursday.

The breakdown of the imported containers shows 524 of 20s and 550 of 40s loaded, while 00 of 20s and 00 of 40s shows empty containers, while that of exported containers shows 599 of 20s and 147 of 40s loaded containers, while 11 of 20s and 855 of Empty 40 containers were handled during business hours. Approximately 02 ships, namely Al Mahboobah and Sc Hong Kong, dock in Karachi port on Thursday.

Almost 04 ships, namely Independent Spirit, Cinderella, Bochem Brussels and High Adventure, left the port of Karachi on the same day.

About 10 cargoes, namely Actuaria, Caledonia, Ocean Harvest 1, Sailing Sky, MT Lahore, Maritime Horizon, OEL Badapest Express, Northern Dedication and AL Jimi are expected to arrive on Thursday.


Twelve ships have been manned at PQA berths in the past 24 hours, of which two container ships, Maersk Sentosa and MSC Rachele, departed Thursday morning, while three more ships, IVS Pebble Beach, Arion and Port Belmonte, are expected by HFP & S. PQEPT and PIBT this afternoon.

The cargo handling during the last 24 hours totaled 165,654 tons, of which 123,038 tons were imported and 42,616 tons were exported, including container loads in 2,926 containers (580 TEU imports and 2,346 TEU exports) were handled in the port.

Two ships, Irenes Ray and Pacific Wealth, which are carrying containers and coal, are expected to be on Thursday, September 16, 2021.

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