Kaley Cuoco reveals she hasn’t taken a break since the early days of The Big Bang Theory and how it messed up her relationships


Most of us know what it’s like to work really hard. But if you can easily understand that you won’t take a vacation or other lengthy break from work for about 13 years, then you’re in about the same professional boat as The flight attendant Executive producer / Star Kaley Cuocowho was preparing for the second season as part of the television program 2022. The hugely popular actress has just revealed that she hasn’t taken a break since the beginning of her last TV hit. The big Bang Theoryand noted that she believes it messed up her personal relationships.

Now what does Kaley Cuoco say about how work has affected her relationships?

I’m sure many actors would agree that finding yourself on a hit sitcom is a wonderful and fairly rare thing, especially when you’re working with people you like while enjoying the character you’re playing. Kaley Cuoco spent 12 seasons on one of the biggest shows on television. The big Bang Theory, which made her a huge star. But during a recent interview with shineCuoco has since opened up in recent months her separation from husband Karl Cook (They announced their divorce in early September 2021 after three years of marriage) and how she is working toward a different future for herself, saying:

If I had hopes for something in my future, I would definitely devote more time to a relationship. Take a break. My horses are so important to me. And even that really fell by the wayside last year. [They] keep me sane And I want to have a relationship that I dedicate my time to and that the person feels [like they’re] really part of my life. I get so distracted from work and I want to have that in the future. I now know what I didn’t do [in previous relationships]. I want to change that. I really know where I messed up and I don’t want to do it again.

oooh Preach, Ms. Cuoco. There’s nothing quite like going through a difficult time in your life and actually seeing how you’ve contributed to your own problems and realizing what you need to do to make things a little easier on yourself when you keep going, right? Cuoco, who was also married to Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016, admitted she’s always been “married” to her career because it’s her “first love.”

But the star (who snapped her first Emmy nomination for The flight attendant) is now in therapy and is working to move away from this kind of “black and white” thinking about career versus relationships as even their friendships are affected (although Cuoco had a lot of fun filming The flight attendant season 2 and did BFFs on set). She wants to “find the gray” and thus more balance.

While Cuoco also said she doesn’t want to get married again (despite Cuoco and Cook’s seemingly amicable divorce proceedings), it doesn’t mean she’s completely done with romance, but she does know that it will first need to reach that “grey” area of ​​her life. Cuoco added:

And I want a relationship. I want a deeper relationship with it [I’m not afraid to] take a week off here and there. I want to catch my breath between jobs, which I haven’t done since Big Bang started. I haven’t even taken a vacation yet. I do not want. The thought of going anywhere, even for the weekend, is like, I can’t. i love working I’d rather be working than hanging out on the beach somewhere. but [that relentless pursuit] made me sick. I mean, the rash on my leg doesn’t lie. it was crazy It’s gone now, but I know I’m prone to it.

It was probably easier to come to these revelations in her private life than Kaley Cuoco’s divorce is going smoothlyand because she worked hard at it The flight attendant Season 2, arriving April 21 on HBO Max. Hopefully, a break can now come soon for the busy star.


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