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Wireless earbuds are only good for convenience and noise cancellation. For everything else, wkred earbuds. I have three and they all sound better than my 16K TWS. I have Mee audi M6 pro. 3k. Shure SE 215, 6.5K. AKG Samsung bundles in the ears. Then comes the big dad, all these sounds are inferior to my audio technica m50x with fiio amp. I don’t know why, but m50x is love. Everything I hear sounds inferior to m50xes.


Chowder, 1 hour agoNone of these look sturdy enough, and it takes a lot of effort to untangle the cables, whatever … moreInterchangeable cables with either 0.78mm twin-pin or mmxc connectors, the reason being that you can upgrade and swap cables


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Anonymous, 2 hours agoSennheiser CX300S. You are welcome.I prefer headphones with a replaceable cord.


Yes, wired headphones are great and I still use them with my phone. Good audio headphones are available at a reasonable price these days and you don’t have to pay a lot to get very good audio quality. And if you want better sound than what you can get out of your cellphone’s headphone jack, you can buy a dedicated DAC / amplifier that plugs into the USB-C port or connects via bluetooth.


None of these look sturdy enough, and it takes a lot of effort to untangle the cables that look too weak too.


The $ 30 price for the Indian market is still high. That’s why companies like Boat sell the headphones at a cheaper price. Mi Basic earbuds cost 325 inr .. does the job well in every way. We call these “budget earphones”.


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Sennheiser CX300S.
You are welcome.


To be honest, it’s not that easy, practically all phones with a 3.5mm jack have really bad sounding DACs (as well as noise from the power supply). Phones, the best sounding phones yet would be Asus rog 5 and Onkyo dp-cmx1


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Shazzy B, 4 hours agoI wanted to get these cheap Moondrops, but instead I went for the Moondrop SSPs and … moreYes, wired earbuds are not only cheaper, they are easier to maintain and sound better than the more expensive, single-use wireless electronic junk, the purpose of which is to make more money.


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Paired moondrop aria with LG V30 and an impedance adapter to activate high impedance mode. Sounds amazing for the price, no wireless ones can produce the same sound.


“Smartphones have become the primary source of music for most people, and smartphone makers took this opportunity to destroy the wired audio market so they could sell overpriced, mediocre wireless junk to consumers.”

Well done Prasad. At least someone in the GSMarena has a brain


While phones with unbalanced 3.5mm output are becoming increasingly rare, these inexpensive and decent devices let you use a dedicated high-resolution audio player like the Sony NW-A50 that sounds better than any phone (old Onkyo dp-cmx1 or Asus only Rog 5 phone). is even approximately comparable) in terms of sound quality


I have a couple of different KZ models (not these 2) and they all have great sound quality. The only criticism I have about them is that sometimes the earplug comes off in the ear and that’s super annoying.


I wanted to get these cheap Moondrops but instead I went for the Moondrop SSPs and for the money they are probably my favorite earbuds right now. The build quality is great, the cable is serviceable (I’m about to buy another after 8-9 months but I’d say get it sooner) and the quality of the sound is very good. They’re tuned for more bass, so the SSRs are the other version if that’s what you’re not into.


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That’s why I won’t buy a phone without a headphone jack for the next 10 years. This is the time it takes for wireless earbuds to become comparable in sound quality and price.


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