In a rare vlog with Sarah, Matteo calls his wife “Ma.”

Matteo Guidicelli addresses his wife Sarah Geronimo as “Ma” in a rare vlog about her personal life. Youtube: Matteo Guidicelli

MANILA—Actor and presenter Matteo Guidicelli gave his wife, pop superstar Sarah Geronimo, a glimpse into his personal life in his latest vlog, published Wednesday.

Subsequently, Guidicelli chronicled their journey to Mount Daraitan in Rizal, where they hiked, rode, and crossed a river in a boat.

The couple brought their dogs with them on the adventure. After Guidicelli and Geronimo’s interactions with them, they treat the fur babies as their own.

Once one of the dogs approached them during a meal that Geronimo was personally preparing. As the animal approached Geronimo’s plate, Guidicelli said, “Would you like some of Mom’s burger?”

In another part of the video, where Geronimo plays with her pets, Guidicelli caught her attention by saying, “Ma, hi.”

Since their wedding in February 2020, Guidicelli and Geronimo have been the subject of ongoing speculation about a possible pregnancy.

Both have mostly stayed away from the limelight over the last two years, opting for one-off projects, including their respective and joint concerts, which are few in number.


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