How to complete the boat captain’s treasure map in God of War


On your journey in God of War, you might come across a treasure map or two that will lead you to rare riches that you might otherwise have missed. If you follow the world serpent lowering the lake, you may find a treasure map called The Boat Captain’s Key. There’s a brief description of where to find it and a picture, but nothing else. Here’s what you need to know in order to complete The Boat Captain’s Key treasure map in God of War.

If you’re looking for The Boat Captain’s Key treasure map, you’ll find it in the Stone Falls region, near the northeastern part of the map. You can find it shortly after your first encounter with the World Serpent.

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The next step is to locate the sunken boat. You can find the exact location of the treasure fairly early in your God of War campaign. First you must make your way to Death Island, on the southwest side of the Lake of Nine.

There you will find a rock north of Iron Cove. Park your boat there at the dock and climb up the wall. At the top you should find a shipwreck next to a brazier. Inside the ship you’ll find a small pile of dirt that Kratos can swipe away to reveal the treasure.

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