How this prominent publicist manages her thriving entertainment public relations business


Imagine you have a career and a life where you love what you do and can no longer imagine yourself. That’s what Liza Anderson, founder of Anderson Group Public Relations, did when she quit her career as a trained attorney and never looked back.

Some might say it is risky for Liza to break away from a stable, high-income, prestige career. But she did and still doesn’t regret it 20 years later.

Liza wanted to create a life in which she wasn’t afraid to go to the office on Monday morning. She wanted to love what she did and longed for the level of happiness and contentment that came from those choices.

After starting her PR career in film and television with the best in the business, Liza went freelance 12 years ago to start her own entertainment and celebrity PR agency, Anderson Group Public Relations. Today she serves some of the top names in the industry and has offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

The secret to Lisa’s success lies in loving what you do. In the early years, Liza waited until she felt ready to start her own PR firm and never had the desire to do so until she felt ready. It was not a smooth sailing from the start, but she remained resilient. She has learned that no one can teach you to be a good boss and has understood over time that her team values ​​being a strong and empowering leader.

Liza leaves the following tips and advice for business owners looking for ways to improve their skills:

1. It is important to show up every day and give your all

Of course there will be days when you will have less energy than others, but make sure those days are rare as it is important to show up to work every day with enthusiasm for the day and for your clients. Use the energy you gain from serving and helping others and enjoy what you are doing. Happiness is in doing what you like.

2. Be consistent in the way you present yourself to others

Make sure you are out there all the time meeting new people. People need to know who you are and you will attract others based on what you are good at.

3. Bring new ideas to the table

Diverse teams bring new ideas, so be open to suggestions and take them into account.

4. Have a thorough understanding of the financial part of your business

When you understand how your organization and the organization’s financial management work, you can make confident business decisions that will affect your company’s profitability.

The bottom line is that there are many moving parts that make your business successful when you are a business owner. The wealth lies in knowing how your decisions affect your bottom line and making wise decisions for your business. If you run your business without knowing your business numbers, you are putting your business at financial risk.


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