High school students get a fresh message about creating a healthy school culture in Cloquet


It was a pretty fun Friday at Cloquet High School. Two motivational speakers gave the students a chance to laugh and learn more about creating a good learning environment.

Craig Hillier and Bill Cordes are longtime friends. They each have separate presentations but were able to work together on Friday, which is rare.

Hillier’s presentation is called Break Through and focuses on three Rs: Resiliency, Respect, Response.

He incorporated funny stories about himself, like having to learn to ski or having to hop on a cruise ship after he and his brother literally missed the boat.

Afterwards he told us: “It was such a good group of students.”

Seniors we spoke to seemed to really enjoy it. Aili Buytaerte told us: “It was really fun. It was easy to stay active and get involved. He told us stories and then explained how that can relate to your life.”

Luke Sievert added: “We have a chance, don’t we? I think a lot of people really realize that this has taken time. You have to make the best of it.”

Cordes’ presentation is called School Unity Project.

“It’s about understanding that we’re all going through something and we’re all in pain, we’re all struggling. And since we’re all going through something and I can’t look at what you’re going through, it makes sense that we treat each other with a little bit of kindness and a little, little bit of respect,” Cordes told us.

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