Griffin Gaming closes an oversubscribed $750 million round


Fund II’s $750 million fundraising by Griffin Gaming Partners makes it the largest venture fund solely focused on gaming. They currently have more than $1 billion in assets under management.

Griffin Gaming Partners supports early and late stage global gaming companies.

About Griffin

Griffin Gaming Partners, founded by Nick Tuosto, Phil Sanderson and Peter Levin, is a gaming venture capital fund. They have existed since 2019 and help the new companies in the gaming space to have content, infrastructure and studios. You have LionTree as a strategic partner.

Their headquarters are in Santa Monica, California. All three founders are passionate gamers and have decades of experience in investing and entrepreneurship. Their accumulated experience specific to the gambling industry is second to none.

Griffin’s longest track record in the gaming industry helps them invest in software infrastructure, content and social platforms. They also invest in gaming-related companies. Their investments include Overwolf, Discord, Spyke Games, Forte, WinZO, and AppLovin.

Griffin Gaming Partners strives to create value and growth opportunities for its portfolio companies. They strive to create an ecosystem in which they act as connectors and informed advisors. The sizeable assets under management indicate that:

  • Extensive relationships
  • Ability to structure complex deals
  • Increased instinct to discover hidden treasures
  • Identifying strategic partnerships to transform the ecosystem

Growth of games over other media

The gambling market is now the dominant one of all media forms. It’s bigger than music, movies, and books overall. Newzoo expects the market to grow by 248% based on global consumer trends.

The global gambling market will reach US$256 billion in consumer spending by 2025. According to recent data, a third of the world’s population, ie 3.1 billion gamers, plays games for almost an hour a day. That number equates to more than 5 billion hours and $1.7 billion a week spent on mobile gaming.

It is worth noting that the gambling industry has an impact on other forms of media as well. If you examine the data, you will see an increased number of users on YouTube posting their recorded gameplay videos. These videos bring a lot of attraction and fame to the players.

The lines between the different sectors – media, gaming, sports and social networking – are blurring. Griffin Gaming Partners processes more than 1300 investment opportunities per year. It gives them access across the industry to understand the steps required to be successful on the platforms. It translates to different demographics and genres.

Added value for entrepreneurs

Griffin’s proven track record is based on pattern recognition from in-house research, historical knowledge and hands-on experience growing the business. The company analyzes huge amounts of data every year, which helps it get a better perspective on retention, growth, and monetization. Portfolio companies receive business development and recruitment support from Giffin.

The company leverages its unique mix of resources with a particular focus on gaming. The increasing number of players leads to a higher need for identity verification. If one user is not differentiated from the other, revenue potential can be severely wiped out. New gambling businesses need help setting up a verification process.

There are numerous companies like Au10tix that help onboard verified, scam-free, and compliant users. The systems used by these service providers help to process countless data points and ID documents within a few seconds. These allow the new gaming companies to secure brand equity and business operations.

The gambling companies can offer KYC or know-your-client checks without sacrificing the onboarding experience. Controls to streamline onboarding across devices and channels are critical to providing a better customer experience. Verifying IP address, server details and payment mode when accepting payments through the gateways has become a priority due to the expanded scope of AML or Anti-Money Laundering Law.

An investment towards crossing

Griffin Gaming Partners also invests in gambling ancillary services. The company firmly believes that its complementary investment will support the gaming ecosystem. It helps build a data-driven and insight-driven strategy that helps focus on teams with a higher success rate. This, in turn, will help scale these companies quickly.

The analytical skills and focused team will help process quantifiable data to produce meaningful results. The company also believes its experienced pedagogy will help assess the risk/reward trade-off.

The portfolio companies can receive help through business development services and advice to navigate through turbulent times. It is especially important and helpful for the newcomers to the gambling field as the market conditions become very dynamic.

Griffin Gaming Partners and LionTree CEO Nick Tuosto believes their services can help numerous businesses capitalize on the right opportunities at the right moment. The company believes these qualities can help transform the entire ecosystem.

Therefore, becoming the world’s largest venture capital firm focused on the gaming market could be the first step for Griffin Gaming Partners. Time will tell if their focus on building a better ecosystem for gaming will revolutionize it or not.


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