Field equipment for VDPs to protect the Orang National Park



Guwahati, December 22nd: The extremely imaginative but tiny Orang National Park (ONP) in the Darrang district of Assam is close to some densely populated villages and the cooperation of the villagers is absolutely necessary for the forest and wildlife protection personnel to preserve the precious animals to protect the park.

The Village Defense Parties (VDPs) in these neighboring villages have played a vital role in helping the park authorities keep poachers at bay.

As part of her ongoing efforts to expand the support and complement of efforts by government agencies to conserve the area’s wildlife resources and habitats, the Aaranyak Biodiversity Conservation and Research Organization (, she today deployed 20 VDPs near Orang National . Field Equipment Available Park in consultation with the State Forest Department and Darrang District Police Department.

At an event in the conference hall of the ONP in the presence of the Divisional Forest Officers (DFO), Pradipta Baruah, Assistant Conservator of Forest Rajiv Hazarika, Range Officer Dibyajyoti Deori., 85 sweaters and 60 torch lights were provided to the members by 20 VDPs, Chief Officer Dalgaon Police Station, Manoranjan Gogoi, Chief of Police Outpost Silbori Mridul Kumar Sarma and COVDP Maheswar Sarma. Presidents and general secretaries of all 20 VDPs were also present at the event.

When addressing the function, the DFO Pradipta Baruah Dr. Special thanks to Bibhab Kumar Takukdar, CEO and General Secretary of Aaranyak, for the initiative to support the VDPs working in the nearby villages of the Orang National Park.

He also praised the active participation of the VDPs in the program and their proactive support in monitoring ONP.

The villagers on the edge have often faced various problems as they live with the wild life, but when they understand their role and responsibility, they are motivated to work for nature conservation and the Orang National Park.

Organg has been confronted with another problem lately, namely the illegal trade in rare ornamental fish species ‘pipli cheng’ in the nearby areas of ONP. This is a rare species of fish that, in his opinion, needs the same meaning in the ONP as tiger and rhinoceros. He urged the villagers in the neighborhood to be aware of this and to help the forestry department stop this illegal trade in this species of fish.

Ashok Dey, Pranab Goswami, Arif Hussain, Sanjib Kumar Bezbaruah and Goura Baidya represented Aaranyak at the ONP today.

Orang National Park (78.81 km²), which is home to both the national tiger and the Assam State Animal, the larger rhinoceros, is known as Mini-Kaziranga National Park (KNP) due to its rich biodiversity and grassland ecology.

The national park with a rich prey base is a challenge from a nature conservation point of view, as constant strict vigilance is required as it is close to densely populated human settlements.

In order to strengthen the anti-poaching apparatus in the Orang National Park (ONP), Aaranyak has also stationed a unit of its K9 dog team with an efficient dog handler in the national park, which is available to the park administration in an emergency.

Aaranyak had previously provided Orang National Park with a four-wheel drive speedboat and bolero and a four-wheel drive gypsy vehicle to further improve the efficiency of forest staff and secure the future of rhinos, tigers and other animals in the park.



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