Fans are reacting to Tarek El Moussa posting a throwback photo of his son Brayden following the 6-year-old’s emergency surgery


Tarek El Moussa has shared a souvenir photo of his family including his 6-year-old son Brayden who recently had emergency surgery. Here are the details of the post and how fans are reacting to the image.

Tarek El Mussa | Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Discovery Channel

Tarek El Moussa posted a throwback photo of his wife, Heather Rae Young, with their two children, Brayden and Taylor

On May 19, Tarek El Moussa shared one Instagram photo of his wife, Sell ​​sunset Star Heather Rae Young and his children Brayden and Taylor. El Moussa shares his two children with his ex-wife and ex-wife flip or flop co-star Christina Haack. On a boat with the ocean in the background, the family smiles at the camera.

“Throwback!! Because there’s nothing I love more than these 3 🖤,” El Moussa commented on the picture. “Family is everything to us! Watching Tay and Bray grow up before my eyes every day is the most fulfilling!”

He said he loves watching her grow up. “I’m so proud to be their dad and to see them grow into these amazing little adults… learning and pushing themselves every day!” But he added that he wishes they would “slow down”. . “But… I would love it if they slowed down just a little bit 🤣. Who else is ready for summer🤷‍♂️”

Tarek El Moussa’s son, Brayden El Moussa, recently had a health shock

The last time Tarek El Moussa posted about his son Brayden, it wasn’t a happy family photo. On May 8, El Moussa shared one Instagram Post reveals the 6-year-old spent Mother’s Day in hospital to undergo emergency surgery.

“It was an interesting 24 hours. Last night we were at the CHOC gala and this morning we were at the CHOC hospital waiting for Brayden to come out of surgery,” El Moussa commented on a photo of Brayden sleeping in a hospital bed.

“He was extremely ill last night so Christina took him to the ER,” he said before explaining his son’s medical condition. “Turns out it was the right call because he needed his appendix removed and we also found out he has something rare called Meckel’s diverticulum. Both problems were surgically removed and he is recovering overnight with his mother.”

That flip or flop star updated fans on Brauden’s recovery before explaining that the whole family worked through the “very scary day” together. “He’s such a strong boy and of course he told me he’s very excited to eat real food tomorrow, he’s obsessed with food just like his daddy❤️,” El Moussa wrote. “Very scary day but we all pulled together as a family to get through this. Thank you to the amazing doctors and nurses who took such incredible care of our boy.”

Fans loved the ‘Flip or Flop’ star’s cute family photo

Tarek El Moussa’s fans loved his old family photo and shared their thoughts in the comments on his Instagram post.

“Wonderful family! Hope your little man is doing well!💜,” one fan wrote, while another commented, “Lovely family ❤️🙌”

Another fan opened up about El Moussa’s relationship with Heather Rae Young. “Beautiful family,” they wrote. “It’s supposed to be you and Heather. True love. ❤️”

And a fan reacted to it flip or flop Stern’s caption about having the kids slow down. “They’ll slow down soon enough. Enjoy the ride. It is wonderful!”

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