Experienced sailor opens Point Sailing School

Tyler Myers competes in the 2021 US Sailing Multihull Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas in November. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Myers)


Tyler Myers was just 12 years old and his sailing skills and talent were already being noticed.

Myers, from Marmora, began teaching what he had learned about the sport to children at local yacht clubs.

“I’ve been teaching for 20 years. When I started teaching at 12, some of the students were older than me,” Myers said before preparing to launch his Hobie catamaran on a beach at Beesley’s Point.

After so many years teaching sailing to local companies and yacht clubs, Myers decided this summer to put his business acumen into action.

He opened the Point Sailing School in Marmora and is willing to teach children and adults how to sail the bays or improve their skills if they are interested in racing.

From group and private lessons for all ages to sailing camps for kids ages 8-18, Myers has something for everyone who wants to learn to sail or improve their skills. And the prices are competitive. To see the description and prices of the different lessons, visit www.pointsailingschool.com.

“I’ve worked at various yacht clubs, the Sea Isle City Yacht Club, the Ocean City Yacht Club, and for the past four years, the Lewes Yacht Club in Delaware,” he said. “I thought it was time to go out on my own.”

Myers, 32, is a Level 3 US Sailing Certified Instructor. Level 3 means he is considered an advanced trainer who can train students for racing.

He has ridden through the United States, Canada and Mexico, among others, and has received numerous race wins and awards.

“I’ve ridden anywhere there is water in the United States, California, Texas, up north and Florida,” he said.

Myers pushes his catamaran into the water.

Myers’ recent wins include 2nd place at the 2017 Hobie Wave Nationals, 6th place at the 2018 Hobie 16 Nationals (skipper), 2019 Hobie 16 World Finalist, and 2nd place at the 2021 US Sailing Multihull Championships .

“My goal is to get more people on boats. In the last 15 years, the number of people sailing has decreased,” he explained. “I want that number to increase again and attract more young people to the sport.”

Sailing camps are a great way for kids to find out if sailing is their interest.

“The camps are about having fun and learning to sail,” he said.

While Point Sailing School has one boat, Myers said as more students sign up for classes, he will hire another experienced sailor and add another boat.

As with all lessons, teaching is only one aspect of sailing. The safety of the students is the top priority. All students wear safety gear.

Before teaching, Myers, who is both CPR and First Aid certified, ensures students can swim. At sailing camps there is a swim test at the beginning of the week.

“All the children wear life jackets at all times. I am fully certified for security. At the beginning of the week we do swim tests to make sure everyone is comfortable in the water.

His teaching boat is his Hobie catamaran, equipped for him and three children.

“This boat is the best for teaching kids,” he said. “Teaching the kids while I’m on the boat is best because I can quickly correct bad habits.”

Myers added that the boat was “very forgiving.”

“There really isn’t a wind you can’t handle on this boat. It makes the kids feel good,” he said. “We go about turning the boat and safety, but I’ve never flipped this boat in an accident. It’s a good boat to teach the basics, sail position and wind direction.”

Myers with his father Wally during a race when he was about 12 years old. (Photo courtesy of Tyler Myers)

Myers, who grew up in Marmora, attended Upper Township Schools and graduated from Ocean City High School. He graduated with a degree in physics from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, where he was on the university sailing team.

He has been working in his field of study but at this point in his life he would like to devote time to teaching sailing which is his greatest passion.

His parents, Wally and Lynn Myers, are well-known yachtsmen in the area. Myers credits his parents with developing his sailing skills.

He and his family have traveled to races together, and he has even raced with and against his father over the years.

“I still race my dad,” Myers said, laughing.

His mother doesn’t race as much now, but she remains involved and helps run events, Myers noted.

Over the years, Myers has applied some of the skills he learned while sailing to other parts of his life.

“I think sailing teaches responsibility,” he said. “You have to maintain the boat and it teaches the importance of safety as sailing is an inherently dangerous sport. I know what to look out for and I make sure my students do the same.”

For inquiries about private coaching, race training and/or tuition on private vessels, email [email protected] Point Sailing School is located on the same beach as Beesley’s Point Sea-Doo Inc. To locate by GPS, use the address 912 Rte. 9 N. Marmora, NJ 08223. Parking is free.

Point Sailing School is located on a beach in Beesley’s Point.

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