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Ellen Pompeo dances in her bathing suit as seen by her 9.9 million followers! The 52-year-old actress looks smoking hot in her latest Instagram Stories post, showing off her fabulous figure in a white one-piece suit while dancing on a boat to Dua Lipa and Elton John’s ‘Cold Heart.’ how does it work Grey’s anatomy does the star manage to look half his age? Read on to see 6 ways Ellen Pompeo stays in shape and the photos that prove they work — and to get yourself ready for the beach, don’t miss these things 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos Ever!

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Ellen has been accused of being “too skinny” for most of her career. “I used to get a lot of criticism for how skinny I was and I didn’t have a lot of confidence because of that. “But I was naturally thin,” she said persons. “I’ve always found it irresponsible for the media to portray me as someone with an eating disorder because when some girls look up to me and think that’s what you have to do to look like me, that’s a horrible idea,” she added. “I listened to criticism a little too much – and that was before social media. It’s even crazier to think about what women have to deal with now.”

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Ellen takes care of her skin but doesn’t get botox or fillers. “Personally, I don’t do botox or anything like that. It can’t be what’s on the outside, it has to be what’s on the inside,” she told People. “I think by the time you’re in your 20s and 30s you’re super obsessed with your looks because you don’t have any other wisdom,” she says. “I have the wisdom to know that getting older is a privilege that not everyone can afford. If my physical beauty is the only thing I have left and if my health and my family remain, then that really matters to me.”


Ellen is big on hydration. “The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of lemon water,” she said who wears what. She also has a special beauty trick that involves water. “I feel like I’ve always looked younger than I am and now I see my skin changing,” Ellen explained IT G. “Now I do this thing where I fill a bowl with ice and alkaline water, take it to my bathroom and squirt on my face about 10 times until my face feels frozen. I’ll do it afterwards [cleansing] and I just feel like it tightens everything up. Didn’t the old movie stars do that? I had this idea that my face would feel swollen and saggy, so I was like, ‘Just let me freeze it!’”

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Ellen does not consume any animal products. “I just went to my annual appointment a few weeks ago and [Dr. Kristi Funk] told me about her book. Since then, my whole family has gone completely vegan,” Pompeo said persons. “[Dr. Funk] told me she had made her three kids completely vegan and I came home from my appointment with her where she basically gave me [the information] … and I said, ‘That’s it, we’re all vegan.’” What’s your favorite meal before work? Vegan coconut yogurt with seeds and fruit, she told WWW.

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After welcoming her first child, Ellen revealed herself Even that she trained with Beverly Hills trainer Gregg Miele at TRX training. However, she revealed to WWW that her favorite workout is tennis. She added that her goal is getting stronger. “I do a lot of walking and stretching, but not enough strength training,” she said.

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Ellen’s self-care routine “is always changing!” she said WWW. “Right now it’s cryotherapy followed by an infrared sauna.” Other relaxation methods include a bath or yoga. Even after a day on the set, she lies on her hot mat. “The heat really relaxes my muscles,” she said.


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