Ecuador Tourism Board resumes partnership with Virtuoso


WHY IT RATES: Virtuoso’s partners, dedicated to providing superior customer service and experiences, deliver superior deals, rare opportunities and exceptional value for Virtuoso customers. –Janeen Christoff, Editor-in-Chief of TravelPulse

The Ecuador Tourism Board has reunited with leading travel network Virtuoso to gain access to the industry’s best travel consultants and join an exclusive portfolio of luxury travel partners that includes more than 2,200 preferred suppliers in 100 countries.

According to Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism of Ecuador, “Joining Virtuoso will open up new sales and marketing opportunities for the network’s luxury travel consultants and their highly sought-after clientele. Ecuador offers an upscale travel opportunity, tailored and enriching experiences, authentic connections to places and communities with a focus on environmental conservation and sustainable tourism.” Virtuoso Agencies average $25-30 billion in annual revenue worldwide, making the network the most significant player in the field of luxury travel.

“Virtuoso’s admissions process is incredibly selective, so it’s a real honor to become a preferred partner,” said Minister Olsen. “The Virtuoso member agencies’ reputation for outstanding commitment to their clients aligns perfectly with our own bespoke approach to service. We look forward to offering Virtuoso Consultants and their clients access to our beautiful land and experiences that exceed their expectations.”

The Ecuador Tourism Board joins Virtuoso’s collection of the best luxury hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, tour operators and other travel companies worldwide. Specializing in superior customer service and experiences, these partners provide superior offers, rare opportunities and exceptional value for Virtuoso customers. These reputable providers are able to market to Virtuoso customers through network vehicles and Virtuoso agencies through multiple communication channels and events including Virtuoso Travel Week, the preeminent global gathering for luxury travel. The Ecuador Tourism Board’s incorporation into Virtuoso gives it direct relationships with the world’s leading travel agencies in North and Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Virtuoso’s exclusive portfolio includes four luxury hotels with world-class service in Ecuador, 16 cruise lines with itineraries that span the Galapagos Islands and other ports in Ecuador, hundreds of tours and unique experiences, and nearly 500 Ecuador destination specialists worldwide.

Travel to awe-inspiring places like the Amazon, the Andes, the Pacific Coast or the Galapagos Islands should be a must for savvy international travelers. As one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and home to dozens of natural parks and protected areas, Ecuador is also a haven for the senses. Travelers will find world-class experiences to nourish the mind, body and soul amidst outstanding natural beauty while savoring fine Ecuadorian cuisine and discovering endless cultural attractions. The best time to travel to Ecuador is now.

SOURCE: Press release from the Ecuador Tourism Board.


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