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PHOTO PROVIDED From left are Ryan Callahan, Robert Shaffer and Eric Morder, the winners of this year’s Lock Haven University Pitch Entrepreneurship Competition.

LOCK HAVEN – The Lock Haven University Pitch Entrepreneurship Competition took place on December 3rd in the Durrwacht Alumni Conference Center Ballroom on campus.

The competition offers LHU students the opportunity to propose interesting projects for themselves and the community and at the same time to compete for a prize. This year the projects were competitive and included two ghost kitchen projects; an ecological container sailing project; a European coffee and tea company interested in opening up to the US market; and a project that proposes to convert the Lock Haven levee into a riverfront with bars and restaurants.

The prizes were provided by the European company with its brand TheCapSoul. A total of $ 1,000 was distributed.

The winner was the ecological container sailing company, which won $ 500. The project was led by LHU economics students Ryan Callahan, Robert Shaffer and Eric. Their idea was to prove that sailing is a green and reliable way to ensure a fully green supply chain for consumer brands. You want to sell a seal on the consumer goods that proves that the brand complies with the principle of the ecological supply chain and thus reduces the carbon footprint.

The judges were Ed Shifflett and Micah Clausen, local entrepreneurs; Barbara Masorti and Richard Conklin, Lock Haven councilors; Abbigail Roberts, Lock Haven town planner; and Silvana Mallia, Marketing Manager at TheCapSoul, who was at Zoom from Europe.

“It’s a great honor to work with students and help them refine their great ideas.” said Dr. Gerard Martorell, who oversees the projects. “Any of the projects this year can see light if the students want to. Could you imagine us starting a sailing container shipping company here in Lock Haven? And why not!”

All of the featured projects plan to apply for the State System Startup Challenge, organized by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. They assume they can reach the closing event in April 2022. The winners will receive up to $ 10,000 for their projects.

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