Duck hunter rescued from Nanticoke River | Messages


SEAFORD, Del. – A group of duck hunters are recovering after getting stuck in the middle of the Nanticoke River in Seaford. First responders from multiple agencies responded to the incident, which took one person to the hospital.

According to the Seaford Volunteer Fire Service, four young men were out duck hunting on Monday morning when they got stuck in the ice. One person was taken to the hospital, the others were unharmed.

The four young hunters called the Seaford Fire Department when they realized they were stuck in the swamp. Two men were on the boat and the other two were on the duck blind.

“The Blades and Seaford lifeboats were able to make room for the people on the river who were duck hunting and they were able to help pull the boat to the Seaford boat ramp,” said Jason Hudson, deputy chief of the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department.

First responders were called to the scene at 8:50 am and the entire rescue was completed by 10:18 am

“That’s pretty rare and the weather is pretty rare too, so we don’t get a lot of it, but we have the gear and equipment to do these kinds of rescues,” said Ron Marvel, public information officer for the Seaford Volunteer Fire Department.

Seaford, Blades, Laurel, and Sharptown were involved in the rescue, as were Delaware State Police helicopters.

“The Department of Natural Resources was able to walk, access the Duck Blind, where there were also two subjects they helped get to safety. It sounded like they used some shorelines to safely manage to get her down to ground level,” Hudson said.

Everyone got out of the water safely and the hunter who went to the hospital is expected to be fine.


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