Dolphins surprise paddleboarders on the Shrewsbury River


A group of stand-up paddleboarders who were about to paddle out on the Shrewsbury River at sunrise got a nice surprise when a pod of dolphins appeared to join the fun and dived between their boards.

Oceanport’s Mike Schulze, a member of SUP NJ, a Facebook group that meets for recreational paddling led by Corinne Loveland, counted four dolphins. They left the Beach Tavern at Monmouth Beach at 5:20am and paddled north on the Shrewsbury River to the Sea Bright, through to the EvenTide Grille. They encountered the dolphins around the Segge Islands in shallow waters of two to four feet.

“We saw the fins appear. I thought they might knock us over, but we were pretty comfortable with them around us. They stayed with us for 45 minutes,” said Schulze. “For us, paddling is a great way to start our day with sunrise, birds, fish and nature sounds.”

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While dolphin sightings are not uncommon on the river, Schulze said he’s never seen them up close. He said boat traffic on the Shrewsbury eventually drove the dolphin away, but not before capturing several videos of the mammals frolicking on their boards.

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