D’Iberville explores how more sidewalks can benefit residents and businesses


D’IBERVILLE, miss. (WLOX) – D’Iberville recently completed a $ 100,000 study to find out exactly how and where sidewalks could benefit residents and businesses there.

The draft network map includes recommendations for new sidewalks, new shared paths / byways, and improved intersections and center block intersections. These recommendations can be implemented in a number of ways.

The survey looked at three key locations that D’Iberville residents and businesses could provide feedback on. These include improvements to the Auto Mall Parkway at the Jerry Lawrence Memorial Library, on D’Iberville Boulevard east of Winn Dixie, and on Lamey Bridge Road at D’Iberville Middle School.

Three of the top locations are examined and featured in the D’Iberville Residents and Businesses survey to view and provide feedback.(City of D’Iberville)

The hope is to improve the quality of life of the people who live, work and play in D’Iberville.

“If you can walk to a destination instead of getting in your car and driving, you not only improve the quality of life for our children, but the quality of life for the entire community,” said Leslie Robertson, economic development project coordinator.

Robertson said that part of the study was paid for with 80/20 money, so the city could only cover 20 percent. The rest was covered by a grant funded by MDOT and the federal highway.

As the city grows, Robertson doesn’t want pedestrians to be forgotten, especially along Auto Mall Parkway, D’Iberville Boulevard, and Lamey Bridge Road.

“The first thing we did was have a meeting to discuss the schedule,” says Robertson. “Basically, we want to connect the residential complexes to companies, to the school district, especially in the south of the city.”

There are already some pre-existing sidewalks along Central Avenue from the previous post Hurricane Katrina improvement program. Now the goal is to expand this into a complete network.

Since residents are primarily the ones who walk or jog on the sidewalks, the study created a map to get input from residents of the community. Once all of the data is collected, they can determine where more walkways need to be added and then apply for funding.

“We had a lot of the apartment complexes involved. Arbor View was a great partner. The school district has been a great partner. We want their input, ”said Robertson. “We want to know where you want to go, where you don’t want to go, where you feel safe, where you don’t feel safe and where you can find the most benefit.”

The city plans to submit the full draft plan and recommendations by November at the latest.

To view the design plans in detail and review the suggestions for new sidewalks, visit the D’Iberville City Sidewalk Study by clicking here.

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