Developing solutions for passionate programmers: The Bitcoin Bridge talks to Codugh’s Shashank Singhal


Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. Take Codugh, winner of the second Bitcoin SV Hackathon 2019. Your solution: Connecting API developers with API consumers and monetizing the relationship is straightforward, but all the more useful. Shashank Singhal, Codugh’s co-founder, is on The Bitcoin Bridge this week to share his vision for the company.

Codugh is an API marketplace, a place where developers can post their APIs on a public platform and make money using them. The marketplace, which launched publicly in 2021, offers developers an incentive to share their code with real-time compensation.

Although API marketplaces are not new, Codugh took advantage of the micro-payments capacity of the BSV blockchain to create an innovative new service. Instead of developers paying subscription fees, Codugh users get a microtransaction every time their API is used.

Says Shashank, “We want API developers all over the world to know that they can just do what they do best … they can write code and we’ll take care of everything else.”

He explains that one of his motivations for creating Codugh was to empower passionate developers who strive to monetize their products. Shashank understands how difficult it can be for programmers who create amazing applications but get bogged down trying to market and secure their product.

“From what we’ve heard, it usually takes almost twice as long to build the entire account management system and analytics system and everything related to the API than to develop the software yourself,” he says.

Codugh allows developers to focus on what they do best and access work others have already done, for a small fee, of course. It also empowers API developers as they get paid when their code is used.

The company’s innovative business model has been causing a stir in the FSIO area since it was founded in 2019. It even caught the attention of the industry heavyweight TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE: TAAL | FWB: 9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF), which invested in the company in July 2020.

He’s cautious about the partnership but says they have worked together on data storage and IOT products, and suggests that “it will become even more clear in the coming months how our synergy works”.

All was not smoothly for Codugh, however. Shashank reveals that one of his biggest obstacles is the “archaic” regulatory system in Australia. He says that regulators require a very high standard, whereby every single customer who comes through the system must be identified and every transaction assessed and found to be flawless.

Shashank aims to make the platform more accessible to non-BSV users, expand the ecosystem and add newcomers to the BSV space. He hopes this will benefit other BSV companies as more people get used to the enterprise blockchain.

Watch the full interview to hear Shashank’s thoughts on working in the BSV ecosystem, his hopes for the future of digital currency, and his plans for the upcoming CoinGeek conference in New York.

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