Crystal announces the use of Crystal Endeavor for the years 2023-2024



Crystal Expedition Cruises announced the full list of 2023 voyages and two itineraries in early January 2024 for its luxury expedition yacht, the Crystal Endeavor.

According to a press release, the all-suite ship PC6 with full veranda, built in Germany, will offer 27 global travel routes to new and remote corners of the world with 10 to 28 overnight stays.

Trips include expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic; South America and offshore islands; Cape Verde and the Canary Islands; the Mediterranean and Western Europe; the British and Scottish Isles; Iceland and the Faroe Islands; Norway, the North Cape and Svalbard; the Russian Arctic and the Northeast Passage; Japan and the Inland Sea; the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Archipelago; and Australia including New Year’s Eve in Sydney.

“Our remote expeditions give guests access to places few people have ever seen, let alone set foot, and some that are hard to find on a map,” said Jack Anderson, President of Crystal.

“A number of the places we visit are uninhabited but incredibly vibrant with wildlife, and our immersive expeditions allow guests to experience up close and intimate discovery, as well as unparalleled comfort and luxury in the most remote places of the world. To compensate for our remote expeditions, trips are made because of the size of the ship and the accessibility that allows it to explore popular destinations in new ways, as well as new destinations that offer fascinating cultural sights and natural beauty. With three types of travel – Remote Expeditions, Destination Explorations and Cultural Discovery – there is a unique itinerary for every type of adventurer, ”he added.

Highlights of the itinerary include polar expeditions – such as rare explorations of the remote Ross Sea in Antarctica and an epic 19-night expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. A drive through the Northeast Passage will discover pristine landscapes full of wildlife, while expeditions to the Russian Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya offer the opportunity to see polar bears, walruses, whales, seals and arctic foxes. Immersive cultural tours of Japan in the fall season will explore historical sites, famous gardens and landscapes.

The Crystal Endeavor will also sail the Thames near Tower Bridge in London, dock in Edinburgh city center and sail into the heart of Seville, Rouen and Bordeaux. In Indonesia, the Raja Ampat Archipelago will offer “the ultimate snorkeling experience in a wonderland of rare corals and colorful fish,” wrote Crystal.

Reservations for Crystal Endeavor 2023-2024 voyages will open on June 24, 2021, with all-inclusive 2-for-1 cruise rates starting at $ 7,499 per guest and up to $ 2,000 Book Now Savings per guest.



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