Cruise ship selling homes so owners can travel the world at sea


A residential cruise ship promises the experience of traveling the world from the comfort of your own luxury aboard home – including a two-story penthouse valued at $ 8 million.

Storylines said it is selling the new homes aboard its residential cruise liner – a 741 foot long, 450 crew, 55,000-ton MV Narrative.

The ship will allow its owners on board to circumnavigate the world every three and a half years, spend about three months in each geographic region and an average of three days in ports of call, according to Alister Punton, chief executive officer of Storylines.

“Destinations are determined as part of their global lifestyle with the help of our resident owners,” he told The Sacramento Bee in an email. “The concept differs from a world tour cruise ship, which usually spends hours in each port with many days at sea in order to be able to circumnavigate the world within a few months. The narrative route is announced shortly before sailing with the plan to ‘follow the sun’. “

There are 547 apartments on board ranging from 237 square feet to 1,970 square feet, Punton said. Prices for the homes range from approximately $ 300,000 for a studio residence to $ 8 million for a two-story penthouse, with a limited number of 12- and 24-year rental options available.

The residences are slated to sell out next year, and the ship is slated to set sail in 2024, according to a Storylines representative. There is no home port for the ship which is currently being built in Croatia and will leave this country, said the representative.

Here is an excerpt from The Bee’s most recent interview with Punton:

Q: Where does the residential ship concept come from? What drives it And are there other ships like the MV Narrative on the market or coming onto the market?

AP: “Storylines recognizes that many people have put their thirst for adventure on hold in order to build careers, look after children, or pursue other interests that temporarily pause the part of their life story they dream of most. The concept is that people can have unique, unforgettable and life changing experiences while traveling the world from the comfort of their own home. The result is a marine living ship that enables global citizens to live healthy and active lives in freedom and adventure while maintaining their work and family lives.

“The concept of The World ResidenSea was born and has been traveling around the globe for 20 years. Other private residential yachts and ships currently in the works include the Njord and Somnio together, Blue World Voyages, a hybrid ship with holiday cabins and private residences. “

Q: What else can you say about the ship and its residences?

AP:They are European designed by Tillberg Design of Sweden and most have a balcony for a fresh sea breeze. They use flexible furniture, some of which come with Murphy beds, to make the most of the space day and night. You have loads of well-designed storage solutions at your disposal.

“Storylines puts a lot of emphasis on health and wellness, with one of the largest wellness centers at sea. It has all the usual fitness equipment plus spa treatments, meditation rooms, salt room, infrared saunas, whirlpool, steam room, wellness pods, on-demand streaming workouts, and of course, live yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and other classes, most of which is round available around the clock.

“Another priority is ecological sustainability. Storylines MV Narrative will be one of the greenest passenger ships at sea. As a residential ship, not a vacation ship, we can make different decisions, and as a more agile company, we can implement new technologies immediately. Everything on the ship is reusable or compostable, so you won’t find single-use items like ketchup packets, individual yogurt containers, or plastic water bottles. As just one example on a long list of sustainability initiatives, we have set strict goals for producing very little waste. Another uses liquefied natural gas (LNG), the cleanest fuel currently available for ships. “

Q: What restaurants are there on the ship? And do the residences also have kitchens?

AP: “There are a variety of multicultural dining options from Mediterranean to Japanese as well as vegetarian, a steakhouse, a grill restaurant by the pool and an upscale restaurant for alfresco dining under the stars. The focus is on using fresh, local ingredients. We also have a fast food alley for Asian dumplings and other street style dishes. The smaller restaurants include an oyster bar, a bar with fresh juices, a gelateria, a chocolatier, a café that serves fair trade organic coffee and loose tea. Of course, we have plenty of bars and lounges, including a wine cellar where residents curate selections and fine wines are tapped on tap. We brew our own craft beers in the microbrewery and residents can indulge in the ambient cocktail bar near the theater. Our champagne bar and whiskey lounge offer a floor-to-ceiling 180 degree view of the ever-changing landscape. There are pool bars and cocktail bars on all sundecks, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink while lounging and admiring the view. What you won’t find are buffets.

“The Storylines residences have a kitchenette. MV Narrative’s smallest residences have a bar counter with a fridge, cupboards, coffee maker and toaster. The larger residences also have a bar sink and additional equipment options such as a wine cooler, freezer, dishwasher, induction burner, etc. There are also communal kitchens in the elegant lounge areas on each living deck. On one of the upper decks there is an open galley, a show kitchen for cooking classes and guest chef demonstrations, in which the residents can also cook when they are entertaining. “

Q: Are the amenities on the MV Narrative the same as on a regular cruise ship?

AP: “Stories” MV Narrative is specifically designed for living, not the heavy turnover of thousands of guests coming and going every week. There are similarities such as a spa, a theater, a dance floor and an art studio, but we also have many amenities that cruise lines do not have, such as a private marina, a hydroponic garden, food markets, children’s schools and youth education programs, a post office, library, bank and everything else you need for everyday life. We have lots of fun bonus perks like pool tables, a bowling alley, and a golf simulator with a pro shop. We also have extensive business facilities that include shared work areas, private offices, recording studios, meeting rooms, event rooms and conference centers for our on-board executives.

“Storylines promotes an active lifestyle. We have a lap pool, pickleball court, golf simulators, bowling alley, bicycles, watercraft such as kayaks and paddleboards, and an outdoor running track. That’s only on the ship and there are many other options for trekking, cycling, climbing and adventure sports in breathtaking locations around the world. “

Q: Is this like a timeshare? As? Or how is it not?

AP: “No, Storylines does not offer timeshares. There are a limited number of rental options (12 or 24 year olds), but the apartments are mostly bought directly. There is no limit to the time an owner can occupy the unit. Unlike a timeshare, many of our owners plan to live in their home at sea 365 days a year. For our owners who don’t expect to be on the ship all day, they can lend their home to friends and family or rent it out through our Guest at Sea program. “

Q: What do buyers actually own when they buy the apartment?

AP: “It is a lease agreement with usage rights for a specific term up to the full life of the ship. In the case of a full purchase, the resident owners receive a perpetual clause, which means that they can move to a new residence on a future ship without additional purchase, which is a long-term investment. The apartments can be rented or sold like any other real estate investment and are assets that can be transferred as part of an estate. “

Q: Are there medical / dental / visual resources on board?

AP: “Yes. You will live healthier, happier and longer lives with Storylines. Storylines has a full medical team with proven knowledge in the areas of prevention, general medicine and emergency medicine. The team consists of a general practitioner with ER training, preventive medicine, pharmacist , Pathologist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, beautician, physiotherapist, dental hygienist, nurses, assistants and technicians. Other specialists are part of our resident community and offer their services in addition to our full-time staff. A support team of personal trainers for fitness is also available stand.

“In order to achieve our ambitious prevention goals, there are health kiosks and gamification to monitor physical activity.

â–ª â–ª â–ª

The profile of a typical Storylines residence owner ranges from young families to early retirees, Punton said.

“Storylines has a lot of solo travelers and entrepreneurs who can work from anywhere in the world,” he added. “Our community of like-minded people connects well with our founding principles.”

He said these principles include:

  • “We don’t cross. We discover. “
  • “We are not a vacation. We are a lifestyle. “
  • “We have no travel routes. We have experience. “
  • “We don’t watch. We participate. “
  • “We are not a population group. We are a mindset. “

“Storylines Resident Owners are global citizens who feel at home anywhere in the world,” said Punton.

This story was originally published December 11, 2021 4:00 a.m.

David Caraccio is a Sacramento Bee born and raised video producer for The Sacramento Bee. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and a longtime journalist who has worked as a reporter, editor, page designer, and digital content producer for newspapers.


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