Chinese brand apologizes for the children’s “Welcome to Hell” t-shirt after the backlash



Controversial pieces from JNBY’s children’s fashion line (Weibo / @ Hi 早安 Hi 晚安)

Chinese clothing brand JNBY apologized after a backlash about a children’s t-shirt with the words “let me touch you” and “welcome to hell”.

Just Naturally Be Yourself, or JNBY, responded to customer complaints after a mother’s post about the item in question went viral on the Internet.

BBC News reports that the woman’s family brought the play for their four-year-old son without knowing what was printed on it.

In the Chinese social media app Weibo, she is said to have written: “Welcome to Hell. Excuse me? Who do you greet?”

Subsequently, JNBY shoppers began sharing photos of other controversial clothing items from the Hong Kong-listed brand.

A Weibo user reportedly posted a picture of a black coat depicting a person being shot at with arrows and text that said, “The whole place is full of Indians. I’ll take this gun and blow it to pieces. “

JNBY apologized to Chinese photo-sharing app Xiaohongshu amid customer complaints about “inappropriate prints” on JNBY’s children’s clothing line jnby.

The label said its designs were driven by the brand’s “freedom of imagination” philosophy and that it wanted to create “unique” styles.

“But we also know that the most important thing is to pass on good values,” added JNBY and promised to combine “innovative and creative design with good values” in the future.

The global time reports that the pieces in question have since been removed from JNBY’s online shop.

According to the public company’s prospectus, there were 1,316 JNBY retail stores worldwide as of June 30, 2016. That number rose to 1,931 stores by the end of last year.

According to a. to $ 356 million Fashion store Report.

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