Chef Marcos Spaziani announces that he is leaving the sailing yacht below deck


Chef Marcos Spaziani won the hearts of Below Deck Sailing Yachts fans with his culinary skills, but he reveals he won’t be returning next season.

Chef Marcos Spaziani Sailing yacht below deck Season 3 recently announced that he will not be returning next season. That Under deck Franchise has had many talented chefs, but Marcos may be one of the best yet. Born in Venezuela, he has been a chef for 10 years and has worked everywhere from Miami to Los Angeles. While living in LA, he worked as a chef at the well-known Hollywood restaurant Taste. Shortly after, he started his gourmet food truck business called ML Eats with fellow chef Louis Huh.

Marcos brought his amazing cooking skills to the table Sailing yacht below deck. Since the first charter, he has delighted guests with his delicious creations and Instagram-worthy plates. The chef’s main focus was to make the guests happy. Even after suffering a painful head injury, he worked to make dinner possible. The only complaint he got during Sailing yacht below deck Season 3 had a terrible charter which the chef calmly put up with.


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Fans will be sad to hear Marcos won’t be returning Sailing yacht below deck season 4 Mark took to twitter to tell fans “I would like to thank everyone for the great support and great comments. I never thought in my life that I would bring so much inspiration to so many people and for that I am very grateful and blessed too! But I can’t go back next season.” Many fans were disappointed with the news and praised Marcos not only for his cooking skills but also for being such a calm and collected chef in the galley.

Marcos gave no reason for leaving Sailing yacht below deck, but some speculate that it was because he is busy with his other ventures. Marcos recently opened his first brick-and-mortar restaurant in Los Angeles, called Marlou, with chef Louis. The fusion restaurant serves delicious creations inspired by Venezuelan and Korean cuisine. Some fans are also wondering if the stress of working on a yacht was too much for the chef. Marcos was the only unassisted cook on the boat and even had to cook a 10 course meal for eight guests all by himself.

Sailing yacht below deck The fans are hoping that Marcos’ break will be short and that he will return for future seasons. After seeing the many spirited chefs in the Under deck franchise, viewers thought Marcos’ laid-back manner was a breath of fresh air. The chef was also a sounding board for that Sailing yacht below deck Crew. Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and stewardess Ashley Marti often went into the galley to vent him. Having one of the best chefs on Parsifal III, Captain Glenn Shephard will have a hard time replacing Marcos Sailing yacht below deck season 4

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Sailing yacht below deck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Source: Marcos Spaziani/ Twitter

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